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The Coronavirus is having an overwhelming effect globally, and the implication of being infected is a harsh reality with potential devastating and life-threatening outcomes.

Anyone can develop serious illness from the COVID-19 disease, but those with a weakened immune system or a chronic health condition are at a greater risk.

Oxygen is vital to our bodies strength and vitality as it directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions.

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August 2018 communication


CELLFOOD® Oxygen Mineral Supplement is a product that has been imported to South Africa from the USA for the past 22 years and is currently available in over 90 countries throughout the world.

One of the benefits of taking CELLFOOD® Oxygen Mineral Supplement is the fact that it increases the oxygen level in the blood and in this regard we would like you to view the clinical trial report that Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd had performed by the University of Pretoria, Sports Science Institute. They recorded a 5% increase in V02 max which is defined as: The maximum amount of oxygen that the body can take in, use and transport through the body to the working muscles:

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We at Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd were very pleased to come across a YouTube Video by Dr Leonard Coldwell who developed the Instinct Based Medicine (IBMS™) treatment. Dr Leonard Coldwell is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and has a Ph.D. in Psychology. He is a native of Germany, and has been a natural health practitioner for the past 35 years. His specialty is cancer and stress-related illnesses.

Please see Dr Coldwell's YouTube video:

Dr Coldwell says that every Doctor who has practiced medicine for over 20 years can admit that they have all seen "spontaneous healing" in some cancer patients and that's why he believes any cancer can be cured in 2-16 weeks!

As soon as you get rid of acidosis and toxaemia and the minute the body becomes alkaline, cancer stops spreading! It can take a couple of days or weeks but it stops. CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN OXYGENATED OR AEROBIC ENVIRONMENT! The body's pH level on a scale of 0-14 is just above the neutral of 7.00 - 7.36 is ideal making it slightly alkaline but in the healing phase you can go up to 7.5 and so over-alkalinize the system. By eating green vegetables and other foods containing chlorophyll and by additional supplementation of good calcium and trace minerals, the body gets a lot of "new or nascent" oxygen which will alkalize the body even further.

A friend of his, Dr Martin in Germany, does oxygen "more step or multi-step" therapy which is where he takes the blood out a patient and adds ionous oxygen before putting the blood back into the body. He found that after 12 such treatments, the blood is like that of a new-born baby. Blood when taken from the body is the normal dark red colour but with the added oxygen, it becomes pink. This also makes the patient feel energized and full of vitality!

Intravenous vitamin C injections also work for cancer (1000cc's a day 3 times a week) and when tested in a few days he found that the cancerous tumour had gone. Vitamin C also helps with any cardio-vascular problems.

Dr Coldwell says to help anyone eliminate their own cancer very fast it is recommended to start on a vegan or raw food diet, drink a gallon of water (which equates to 3.5 litres) a day with half a teaspoon of sea salt in it. It varies significantly from regular table salt as it contains over 80 essential minerals and elements including, sulphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. Himalayan pink salt also contains far less sodium than other traditional table salts as it is less refined. Excess sodium increases your risk of hypertension, osteoporosis, and kidney disease, whereas the diversity of elements in Himalayan pink salt is shown to create an electrolyte balance within your body, strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.

Quotes from experts about oxygen and cancer :

"The primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal respiration of body cells by anaerobic cell respiration."
~ Professor Otto Warburg, M.D.~

"Any element that threatens the oxygen order of the human body will promote cancer growth. Any therapy that improves the oxygen function can be expected to enhance the body's defenses against cancer. That is borne out by clinical experience."
~ Professor Majid Ali, M.D. ~

"All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell levels."
~ Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. ~

This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicine Control Council (SAHPRA) Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd make no medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. If you have a medical condition, we recommend that you consult a Physician.
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