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COVID-19 Virus


The Coronavirus is having an overwhelming effect globally, and the implication of being infected is a harsh reality with potential devastating and life-threatening outcomes.

Anyone can develop serious illness from the COVID-19 disease, but those with a weakened immune system or a chronic health condition are at a greater risk.

Oxygen is vital to our bodies strength and vitality as it directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions.

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Jono Blake

Oxygen, Carnitine and Exercise


There is no shortage of multinutrient supplements available to subscribers to wellness, recreational and performance fitness enthusiasts, and the competitive athlete.  As diverse as these products and manufacturers may be, they all have one thing in common – claims of uniqueness and superiority.  It is in exclusivity of contents and mode of action that these claims are realised, and Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport qualify for both.  No other nutritional supplements can claim to function in the same way as Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport.

Aerobic metabolism and fat utilization

There is no doubting the value of oxygen for our physiological functioning as we are geared for 'aerobic'metabolism.  [It should be remembered however that we do have an alternative 'anaerobic' metabolic pathway].  This applies to us at rest, as well as during exercise.  The determining factor as to which metabolic pathway is the dominant one during exercise is the INTENSITY of that exercise.  As long as sufficient oxygen is available at muscular level, energy is provided via the aerobic system.  As exercise intensity increases, it becomes more difficult for cardiorespiratory dynamics to meet the increasing demand for oxygen.

The aerobic system is unique in that it is the only system that can utilize fat as a substrate for energy provision.

Supplemental oxygen

The oxygen in Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport is not present in molecular form, but is rather liberated by catalytic converters.  Oxygen is present in NASCENT form.  Oxygen is not a fuel  – it is a catalyst in the aerobic pathway.  This ensures that the pathway has its highest energy yield, with the most innocuous by-products.

Fat metabolism

Stored fat is broken down into Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) and glycerol which are taken up by the power houses (mitochondria) of our cells to be converted into energy. In order to enter the mitochondria, a carrier molecule is required. Carnitine is such a carrier. This combination of nascent oxygen and Carnitine provides an ideal physiological environment to promote fat metabolism.

It must be stressed that this in no way compensates for poor nutritional habits or a lack of adequate (aerobic) exercise. These products in fact yield their best results when used in conjunction with exercise and prudent eating habits. They are not fat-burners, but complete, natural and bio-available supplements.

Total supplementation

In addition to the nascent oxygen and Carnitine, Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport provide all the micronutrients necessary for optimal supplementation. This makes these products unique in content and action.

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