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COVID-19 Virus


The Coronavirus is having an overwhelming effect globally, and the implication of being infected is a harsh reality with potential devastating and life-threatening outcomes.

Anyone can develop serious illness from the COVID-19 disease, but those with a weakened immune system or a chronic health condition are at a greater risk.

Oxygen is vital to our bodies strength and vitality as it directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions.

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Ashleigh Caradas

Ashleigh is a clinical dietician and also a nutrition consultant and freelance health journalist who is a regular contributor to Longevity magazine.

"Cellfood Sport is a fantastic metabolic booster that contains well-researched and effective nutritional ingredients. Combined with the magic of Cellfood®, Cellfood Sport’s powerful delivery system puts it at the top of the range of endurance improvement products. I recommend Cellfood Sport to all my athletes. Cellfood Sport has a wide range of applications beyond just increasing endurance, power and recovery in athletes. It's also an effective fat burner, appetite regulator and heart protectant."

Practice details: Sports Medicine and Exercise Institute, 100 Algernon Road Norwood AND 204 Oxford Road, Thrupps Center Medical Suites


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