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COVID-19 Virus


The Coronavirus is having an overwhelming effect globally, and the implication of being infected is a harsh reality with potential devastating and life-threatening outcomes.

Anyone can develop serious illness from the COVID-19 disease, but those with a weakened immune system or a chronic health condition are at a greater risk.

Oxygen is vital to our bodies strength and vitality as it directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions.

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Theo Verster

Hi, my name is Theo Verster, I am an ex-Olympic swimmer and previous world record holder. I now coach some of South Africa's brightest swimming prospects. I personally feel the benefit of regular Cellfood Sport use, Cellfood Sport is one of those rare products which really has a tangible effect on your every day well being, and I find that my energy levels have greatly increased since using the product. I now find that the 5-6 hours I spend coaching in the sun each day no longer has the draining effect on my energy. My wife, who is an optometrist, also began using the product and she has found a great reduction in her stress levels and her cravings to binge during the day.

Cellfood Sport is an amazing product and the advantages for sportsmen and in particular swimmers, are great! All of my swimmers use Cellfood Sport and the effect the product has on them is fantastic. I find that my swimmers recover a lot faster after racing which is a huge advantage as a swimmer may compete in a number of races in a short space of time and with Cellfood Sport they feel as good before their 6th race as they did before their 1st, so that's a big plus. I also find that Cellfood Sport helps my swimmers to remain calm and really focus on their race beforehand and of course it cuts down on their fatigue levels. I only wish that I had known about the product when I was still swimming.

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