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April 2021 newsletter

3 easy steps to a happier, healthier life

Don't let the stress & demands of your life get you down. Maintaining a balanced and healthy life can be achieved following the proper routine & supplements.

One small step

We often get bogged down with life's mundane tasks and activities, finishing the day feeling drained and exhausted. It is never too late to change; small positive changes in our daily routine can assist in an overall lifestyle change that ensures a more healthy balanced life.

Regroup, realign and refresh

Take some time aside to refocus and look at what areas of your life you need to improve on. Set goals, achievable and straightforward ensuring you have a timeline in place. It is always helpful to write them down, even stick them up on your bedroom mirror so you can see them every day.

One, two & three

We have put together three easy steps for the best energy boost and guide you to live a happier, healthier life.

1. Exercise daily

We all know it's easier said than done, and there never seems to be time but incorporating exercise into your day and making it part of your routine is easy if you make it fun and enjoyable,

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Walk the dogs to the park
  • Do some gardening
  • Put some music on and dance in your living room!
Exercise doesn't have to involve vigorous routines but just enough to get the blood flowing and heart pumping; 30 minutes a day can go a long way to making you feel more energised.

2. Maintain a healthy balanced diet

Time and time again, we hear health professionals say, "All in moderation" it is indeed true. Small portions and frequent meals are a great way of speeding up our metabolism and avoiding the hungry feeling! Take a look at some easy to follow pointers in maintain a balanced diet

  • Include your greens into your meals
  • Include a fruit, add it a delicious snack
  • Increase your water intake to at least 2litres
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol
  • Avoid high fat & complex carbohydrates

We all enjoy the odd cheat meal here and there and a glass of wine after a long week; that is all fine and needed; keep in mind to have a balance and watch your portions as the wrong foods often don't provide us with the best energy boost we need to get through the day.

3. Include a supplement into your daily routine

With increasing mineral deficiencies in our soils, many of the natural sources of minerals we acquire from fruits & vegetables have been depleted. Nutritional supplements will assist in providing proper daily cellular nutrition. Therefore we need to source alternatives. The health and fitness industry has a large selection of health supplements available for the best energy boost; how do we know which are beneficial?

Points to keep in mind when finding the right supplement

  • Ingredients: natural products are better for our bodies
  • Benefits: does it provide you with what you need most
  • Dosage: how often should you take it and when is important
  • Recommendations: do health professionals recommend it
  • Testimonials: do other people vouch for the product

Why Cellfood is your recommended supplement

Environmental factors have caused decreasing levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, resulting in serious health problems. Oxygen is the essential food for cells, as we need to provide our bodies with the proper nutrition to ensure a better quality of life.

World-leading Cellfood® ticks all the boxes to maintain a strong immune system and adequate oxygen saturation levels with its vital mineral, enzyme, amino acid, and antioxidant profile.

Recommended by doctors and pharmacists and available at all leading retail and pharmacies, getting the right supplement has never been easier. Adding 24 drops to a glass of water daily the perfect oxygen liquid supplement, you get all the proper nutrients and minerals required to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Start today, make the right changes & feel stronger and more energised with the right nutritional supplements.
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