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February 2019 newsletter

Oxygen power for Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day - 15 Feb 2019

The Power of Oxygen with Cellfood®

You're familiar with many ways of boosting your energy and resisting ageing - vitamin supplements, exercise and the right food. But if you're not getting the results you want, you may be lacking life's most essential element - OXYGEN.

Apart from being vital to our continued existence, oxygen has wide-ranging uses. It's now being applied as an additive in cosmetics, an active ingredient in dietary supplements and as a form of healing therapy. Here's why we shouldn't take oxygen so much for granted.

Quite obviously, without oxygen, your lungs would collapse, your heart would stop beating and you would die. Medical experts refer to the 3,3,3 factor, meaning you can survive for about three weeks without food, three days without water, and just three minutes without oxygen.

Nowadays it's all fast food and fast living. Over the years we load our bodies with toxins, which have a negative impact on the body. We don't function as effectively as we should, and this starts causing problems. Even if you're healthy you may have trouble getting all the oxygen you need. Sadly air pollution has resulted in a marked decrease in atmospheric oxygen and consequently, many of us suffer from low oxygen levels without even realising it.

Other contributing factors are eating devitalised foods (foods that are low on vitamins, minerals and nutrients),extreme stress and chronic shallow breathing.

If you're deprived of oxygen you're more likely to accumulate acid waste, which can become toxic. Oxygen is also a detoxifying agent, cleaning your body of waste, so it makes sense that it will lead to longevity.

You can get extra oxygen into your system in different ways, the first being hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which involve 20 minutes of being in a chamber in which 100 percent oxygen is circulated. It is also used to treat scuba and deep sea divers experiencing decompression sickness. Another way of getting your oxygen fix is through nutritional supplements, which are very popular.

Supplements are also the safest method because they work on a time-release mechanism that feeds oxygen into the body in a controlled way, instead of in one fell swoop as with hyperbaric treatments.

There are 6 major warning signs that you are oxygen-deficient :

  1. You lack energy in the morning;
  2. You can't get a good night's sleep;
  3. You seem to have daily aches and pains;
  4. You don't feel alert;
  5. You constantly feel tired;
  6. You aren't eating and exercising well.

If you think you may be oxygen-deficient, please consider making a supplement such as Cellfood® Oxygen Mineral Supplement part of your everyday life. It contains not only essential minerals, amino acids and enzymes, but also generates oxygen in the body which is crucial for normal cell function. With good care and a supplement such as Cellfood®, one should be able to live a healthy, active and full life, the way it was meant to be. Please see this link to our University of Pretoria trial regarding how Cellfood increases the Vo2Max levels (amount of oxygen in the blood) in athletes.
University Of PTA report

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