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July 2020 newsletter

Dissolved Oxygen And Oxygen Saturation

In the fog of this world wide Covid-19 pandemic, you would be mistaken if you thought that Covid-19 is a disease of the aged. In the US the median age fell from 65 to 35, with the average infection age levelling out at 40.

Covid-19 from a hypoxia point of view is causing numerous anomalies, with the overriding impact of the disease being the post infection damage to the human body.

Oxygen therapy in various forms remains a cornerstone treatment for patients requiring treatment. The purpose of providing oxygen is to achieve target oxygen saturation levels of 90% or above so as to avoid respiratory failure.

Patients with existing comorbid conditions (existing chronic conditions) are at huge risk over this period and previously healthy patients can end up with either respiratory, cardiac, renal or psychiatric conditions.

New evidence shows that patients are presenting with oxygen desaturation, therefore oxygen saturation is essential in the recovery process.

Rebuilding the immune system through known and tested supplementation associated with oxygenation would be most beneficial, as the role of cellular oxygen is to convert food and liquids into energy so that the body can start the healing process.

Cellfood (Oxygen Mineral Supplement) in clinical trials shows an increase, both in dissolved oxygen levels and more importantly a substantial increase in haemoglobin oxygen saturation, in the following clinical trial: University PTA report

Today Cellfood is a MUST for everyone!

Cellfood is available at all Dis-Chems and through leading pharmacies throughout South Africa. For further information, visit Oxygen For Life

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