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July 2013 newsletter


The Cellfood range of products has over the years played an important role in assisting elite athletes in achieving their performance objectives. The products have been tested under various parameters with elite runners, cyclists and sedentary persons.


In a study conducted at the ISR at the University of Pretoria in 2001 on 45 marathon runners. The most important findings from the double blind test show:

  • Improved Haematology values and haemoglobin saturation; resulting in more oxygen availability for transport through the body to working muscles
  • Cellfood® is also a powerful antioxidant (contains selenium, germanium, and antioxidant enzymes), boosting the immune system, and will therefore restrict further free radical damage in people with OA.
  • The working of various systems in the body, made it possible to detect an increase in absolute VO2 max of 5%.
  • That Cellfood is effective in decreasing lactate values at all comparative running speeds during the test


In a study conducted at the ISR at the University of Pretoria in 2001 on 30 road, track and off road cyclists, the most important findings from the double blind test show:

  • Body Composition
    • An increase in lean body mass
    • An increase in muscle component

Both these changes will be beneficial to the athletic and non-athletic population

  • Differences between pre-test and final test measurements
    • Lower oxygen consumption because of improved VO2 and lactic acid scores

  • Direct comparison during the final tests
    • Had a lesser lactate acid build up at all speed levels
    • Performed at an overall lower heart rate

The benefits of lower heart rate are significant to the athlete

The Cellfood range of products is free of banned ingredients found on the World Anti-Doping Associations list.

In addition, it is interesting to note that:

  • Elite sport persons often present with high levels of oxidative stress and Homocysteine, which in turn are associated with chronic diseases. Cellfood and Cellfood Longevity have been clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress and Homocysteine respectively.

ALEX HARRIS Extreme cyclist, Adventurer, Mountaineer

  • A category world and national track cycling champion
  • An extreme/endurance mountain bike champion
  • A renowned mountaineer
  • Expedition leader
  • An acknowledged adventurer
  • Motivational Speaker
Comments from Alex about Cellfood
  • "Cellfood is a constant part of my arsenal"
  • "In all of this Cellfood has kept me fit and strong"
  • "Hi mountains eat you alive … in all of this Cellfood has kept me alive"
  • "But don't make the mistake and think that Cellfood is only for high performance athletes, it is for everyone that wants a better quality of health"

ASHLEIGH MOOLMAN PASIO - Professional Road Cyclist

  • African Road Cycling Champion
  • South African Road Cycling Champion
  • Olympian
  • Best ranked SA cyclist in the world
Comments from Ashleigh about Cellfood
  • "I am currently using Cellfood SPORT and truly believe that this amazing product was key to my rapid rise in world rankings and cycling success"
  • "I believe that Cellfood SPORT is a world class product and a leader in sports performance supplementation."

Imagine what the Cellfood range of products can do for you!

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