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July 2018 newsletter


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most common types of moles are skin tags, raised moles and flat moles. Benign moles are usually brown, tan, pink or black (especially on dark-coloured skin). They are circular or oval and are usually small (commonly between 1-3 mm), though some can be larger than the size of a typical pencil eraser (>5 mm). Some moles produce dark, coarse hair. Common mole hair removal procedures include plucking, cosmetic waxing, electrolysis, threading and cauterization.

Cancer Research UK caution people to be aware of the ABCD's of skin cancer and state having even one of the following warrants getting checked:

  • Asymmetry - this is when the two halves of your mole don't look the same

  • Border - the edges of your mole are blurred, jagged or irregular

  • Colour - there's more than one shade present in your mole

  • Diameter - your mole is wider than six millimetres (about the size of a pencil eraser)

External factors which cannot always be controlled are genetics (atypical mole syndrome is from hereditary conditions); excessive sun exposure (excessive sunlight, may play a role in the formation of acquired moles); and hormonal changes (during pregnancy and insulin in diabetics can often contribute to mole formation) which could cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels and be a pre-diabetic sign and therefore be taken seriously.

Three natural treatments for moles often recommended are oxygen therapy (during the treatment, the oxygen level in the patient's blood increases, which helps to reduce swelling, control infection, and stimulate growth of new blood vessels), consumption of healthy amounts of potassium, and application of aloe vera.

Two of our products, Cellfood Skincare Gel and the drops called Cellfood Oxygen Mineral Supplement contain both potassium and aloe vera, plus the Cellfood drops supply oxygen at cellular level.

The proof of how well these two products work together to help with moles, can be read in this fantastic testimonial :


I would like to share these miraculous results I achieved in just 30 days with Cellfood Skincare. Note the dates on the photos! I did use the product very intensively 6 to 10 applications a day but the results speak for themselves. I was taking Cellfood drops at the same time (25 drops a day). This growth has not reappeared in any form whatsoever. Cellfood Skincare kept me out of the doctor's rooms and saved me a fortune in medical bills! I am very happy to give you my unconditional permission to use my testimonial wherever it is needed including promotional brochures and digital media etc. If my testimonial gets just one person to start using any of the oxygen for life products then feel I have succeeded in spreading the word of this fantastic product.

I started using Cellfood many years after my parents started using it. They are now both in their eighties and they look and feel fantastic. Like many I ignored them when they told me how they felt since they started taking Cellfood and eventually they stopped trying to convince me to take it. A few years ago I landed in the doctors rooms three times in quick succession with severe bouts of flu. I then realised that my old folks had not had flu in years (6 to be precise since they started talking Cell food religiously) "I was sold" and so was Wendy my wife. I have had one serious bout of flu since then and that was because I stopped taking Cellfood for about two months for some obscure reason I can't even recall.

We now take Cellfood as part of our daily routines and use Cellskin gel as a matter of course on our hands and face and any suspect blemishes on our skin.

I am 49 years old and work for myself so I cannot afford to take time off due to illness and I have adopted a firm rule of using Cellfood products to ensure this and it has paid off in more ways than one.


Before using Cellfood and

Cellfood Skincare


After using Cellfood and

 Cellfood Skincare

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