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June 2018 communication


It is said that "Prevention is better than cure!" and therefore generally the best form of treatment is to ensure that your health is at an optimum level.

The best way to avoid getting sick this winter season, and always, is to strengthen your immune system and to practice preventive care to stay healthy. During the cold winter months especially, a good diet, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, getting adequate sleep, regular physical activity and good hand washing practices are critically important factors in fighting against cold and flu.

The Elements, Minerals, Trace Minerals and Amino Acids contained in Cellfood® supplement those contained in your diet. This is considered necessary due to the fact that the food that we eat is no longer as nutritious as it used to be due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and growth promoters etc. by farmers.

Cellfood® therefore plays a vital role in boosting the Immune System and so also assists in preventing colds and flu.

Cellfood® Oxygen Mineral Supplement should be used on a daily basis for the following reasons:

  • Cellfood® is in liquid form so assimilation into the mitochondria of the cells is as high as 80% whereas only 20% of medication in tablet form is absorbed into the cells.

  • Cellfood® has a NAPPI code which means it is covered by a number of medical aids and it is also prescribed and recommended by many doctors, pharmacists and clinic sisters.

  • Cellfood® is a lot cheaper than antibiotics and completely natural and has no side effects.

  • Cellfood® can safely be used with other medication and health preparations as it in fact makes other medications more bio-available to the body.

Cellfood® can be used by immune-compromised patients as Cellfood® increases oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. In a clinical trial on athletes at the University of Pretoria 17 drops of Cellfood® increased the oxygen uptake by the body by 5%. The VO2 max test shows the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can absorb, use and transport through the body to the working muscles. The ferritin (iron) levels were also increased by 31% (which assists with the production of more red blood cells that are needed to transport oxygen to the different organs and cells).

It can be used in subjects at risk of oxidative stress where Cellfood® has been proven to reduce free radicals in the blood stream on average from 10% to 27% (Free Radical Clinical Study done by Dr Michael Coyle, 2004).

These tests can be viewed on our website at : /cellfood_research.asp

5 Ways in which Cellfood® can benefit your personal wellness:

1. Cellfood® for ENERGY & REDUCED STRESS - Stress results from the increased production of adrenal hormones which is why stress can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Increased adrenaline production enhances the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to quickly produce energy for the body to use. The minerals and enzymes in Cellfood® will give you more energy on a daily basis.

2. Cellfood® as a PREVENTATIVE - Cellfood® is a powerful antioxidant boosting the immune system

3. Cellfood® for RECOVERY - Cellfood® will assist in speeding up recovering from an illness and also after an operation; the multi-minerals with calcium, magnesium and silica in Cellfood® are needed for strength and healing and the amino acids protect the lungs and liver by detoxifying harmful toxins.

4. Cellfood® to DETOX - assists in repairing damaged cells in the body due to diseases and minimizes the toxic side effects of strong medicines via detoxification lasting between 1 - 7 days.

5. Cellfood® for NUTRITION - it provides your body with the essential Elements, Minerals, Trace Minerals and Amino Acids it requires.

We are sure you will agree that these are all great reasons to use Cellfood® on a daily basis!

We are sure you will agree that these are all great reasons to use Cellfood® on a daily basis!

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