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March 2021 newsletter

The Power Of Oxygen

Nourish your cells the right way with Cellfood®. An oxygen mineral supplement, assisting you in living a prolonged and healthier life.

Breathe easy

What helps us breathe and carry out daily human tasks? Oxygen. It is the essential aerobic life element, being 65% of the human body and necessary for energizing and cleansing cells. It is commonly known that the air we breathe today is filled with chemically enhanced substances, and environmental factors are causing decreasing levels of oxygen. Therefore, our bodies are not able to function at an optimal level.

The effect of decreasing oxygen levels

Oxygen deficiency in our anaerobic state leads to a build-up of metabolic waste in our bodies; this affects how we combat harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Resulting in cellular mutation and disease, as reported by researchers. An oxygen supplement is beneficial in decreasing the risk of oxygen deficiency.

Dr Arthur Guyton, an American physiologist, explains, "All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell levels".

To ensure our bodies are getting the oxygen it needs and keeping oxygen levels stable constantly your body can,

  • Generate adequate cellular energy to maintain a healthy quality of life
  • Effectively oxidize and eliminate metabolic waste and environmental toxins from its systems
Feeding our cells

Our source of vitamins & minerals come from our natural surroundings such as fruits, vegetables & water. However, increased levels of pollution and chemicals mean our natural sources have become compromised. Therefore, we must include additional nutritional supplements to fuel our nutrients and improve our oxygen levels. Oxygen is the essential food for our cells. An oxygen supplement will help in maintaining stable oxygen levels.

A healthy lifestyle starts with you

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult with our hectic schedules. Changing one small thing in our daily routine can make a massive difference to our overall health. It is always best to incorporate your nutritional supplements into your daily routine, which is why Cellfood® is so easy and straightforward to take.

What is Cellfood®?

It is the most advanced unique nutritional oxygen supplement globally, especially regarding the supply of oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids at a cellular level.

Cellfood® both cleans up and nourishes the cells in an amazing, unique, and direct way. The matrix of minerals, balanced in specific ionic quantities, and the particular amino acids and enzymes, is the success behind the Cellfood® product.

In short, it increases our oxygen levels which improves our overall health and vitality, allowing us to have more energy, fight bacteria and boost our immune systems. Cellfood® your essential nutritional product

A world-leading oxygen mineral supplement that is made from the finest organic plant ingredients, and works remarkably by supplying essential nutrients at a cellular level, and assists in:

  • Oxygenating every cell in the body
  • Cleansing, restoring, and regenerating cells
  • Providing essential nutrients at a cellular level
  • Reducing the primary cause of ageing
  • Balancing & re-energizing all bodily systems

A few drops a day keeps the doctor away

Cellfood comes highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists & has undergone numerous medical trials. Every eight drops of Cellfood® Oxygen Mineral Supplement contains 326mg CELLFOOD® which is made up of a proprietary blend consisting of;

  • Plant-sourced calcium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Zinc
  • Silicon
  • Liquid seaweed

For the best result, use it as part of your daily lifestyle. The recommended dosage is 24 drops a day, or 8 drops three times a day. It is advised to begin with eight drops a day and increase your intake. Add to water, red grape or carrot juice and start your day by fueling your body the right way. Cellfood® is suitable for the whole family and can be found in all major pharmacies.

Cellfood® ticks all these boxes to provide natural immune boosters and adequate oxygen saturation levels with its vital mineral, enzyme, amino acid, and antioxidant profile.
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