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March 2019 newsletter

Cellfood® and Hepatitis

Ischemic Hepatitis is caused by an inadequate blood or oxygen supply, which in turn causes damage throughout the liver.

In Ischemic Hepatitis, liver cells are damaged or die because the liver does not receive enough blood or oxygen. Ischemic Hepatitis differs from other types of Hepatitis. Ischemic Hepatitis develops when the liver's requirements for blood, oxygen, or both are not being met.

Ischemic Hepatits is caused by :

  1. Decreased blood flow throughout the body which is the most common cause for such unmet needs
  2. Decreased oxygen levels in the body, as may result from prolonged, severe respiratory disorders, can also cause Ischemic Hepatitis.
  3. An increased need for oxygen and blood, as occurs during a severe body wide infection (sepsis), can contribute to Ischemic Hepatitis.
  4. Blocked blood vessels can cause Hepatic Ischemia but only when both the hepatic artery and the portal vein are narrowed or blocked. Ischemia does not develop when only one of these blood vessels is narrowed or blocked because the liver receives blood from both the hepatic artery and portal vein, and the blood vessel that is not blocked continues to supply the liver with blood.

The most common cause of blocked blood vessels is a blood clot. (Blockage by a blood clot is called thrombosis.) Disorders that make blood more likely to clot (blood clotting disorders) can cause blockages in the hepatic artery or portal vein. These disorders may be inherited or acquired.

In our tests done on athletes at the Univ of PTA, it was proven that the working of Cellfood on various systems in the body made it possible to detect an increase in the absolute V02 max of the athletes, which resulted in an increase of V02 max by 5% which is statistically significant. Cellfood also thins the blood slightly through the oxygenating process allowing for better blood flow.

Cellfood is a world-leading oxygen mineral supplement that is made from the finest organic plant ingredients, which works remarkably by supplying essential nutrients at cellular level, and so assists in:

  1. Oxygenating every cell in the body
  2. Cleansing, restoring and regenerating cells
  3. Providing essential nutrients at cellular level
  4. Scavenging free radicals, so reducing primary cause of aging and degenerative disease
  5. Balancing & re-energising all bodily systems

Please also read the article on our website on liver disorders which was written by our consultant professor of bio-chemistry who explains why Cellfood can help someone with liver problems. Please also read the Cellfood pamphlet which explains how it works.

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