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May 2019 newsletter

Cellfood® and Asthma

Prima Magazine, December 2003


A YEAR AGO, Violetta Dobson, 34, from Petersfield, Hampshire, felt her health problems were taking over her life.

"By last Christmas, my struggle with asthma was all encompassing. I felt totally handicapped, because the way I lived was restricted by my condition. My husband Peter, 45, and I were turning down family and friends' invitations left, right and center because I felt so weak

"If you've ever had an asthma attack, you'll know that you feel like you're drowning, and it's also like swallowing something the wrong way. I'd cough, sputter and gasp to regain my breath and my composure.

"I'd never suffered with asthma before moving to England from Italy in 1999, but within months of my move, I was short of breath, wheezy, and could hardly eat because of the trouble I was having breathing. I felt as if my life had gone on hold.

"The first doctor I saw prescribed cough syrup, but when we moved to a different area, my new GP diagnosed asthma and gave me a steroid puffer to prevent attacks, and the inhaler drug Ventolin to relieve them by opening my chest up. Neither did anything for me, so in the new year, I literally begged my GP to refer me to a specialist for allergy tests.

"I was put in touch with a brilliant allergy expert who eventually discovered I was severely allergic to pet hair and house dust mites. This horrified me my fox terrier, Ruby, is my best friend, and had never caused any problems before we came to the UK. The doctor explained that atmospheric conditions in the UK- the humidity in particular- cause allergens to be suspended in the air for longer than in some other countries. A few simple changes could make a difference. So Peter and I persuaded Ruby to leave our room at night, and we installed a cheap plug-in air filter. My sleep improved immediately. But I still needed my steroids, and that was upsetting me.

"Then a friend told me she'd read about a new alternative treatment called Cellfood, which literally gives the body more oxygen, and supposedly boosts energy, immunity, and metabolism. Willing to try anything to feel better, I said I'd give it one month. It was easy to use I just had to add a few drops to water (it tasted like a squeeze of lemon juice), but the results were amazing!

"Within three days of taking Cellfood, I had cut my steroids by half, and, after only a week, I'd stopped them completely!

"I can now breathe from the bottom of my lungs and I'm back in the gym after years of feeling unable to exercise. I'm thrilled to bits with my discovery. I was so fed up with being treated for my symptoms when what I really wanted was a solution to the underlying problem… and now I do believe I've found it."

Reprinted by permission of Prima Magazine, London UK

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