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JOHANNA (Husband prefers to stay anonymous) - 2020


My husband was sick for some time now, since December 2019.

I took him to different doctors and he was still sick, getting weaker every day.

He was trembling even when he was sleeping. He couldn't walk for a long period, was always tired and not eating well. He lost weight and had pains in his feet. We were even buying gout mixture and arthritis tablets many times to no avail.

I remember I took him to the hospital in June last year 2020. They took blood because he actually defaulted from his ARV's. His CD4 count was 150 the first time they took blood but he started taking his medication and this medication was not working any longer even while taking it after defaulting and now he was trembling. Doctors told us that he must go for an operation to see what is causing the trembling. They said it might be Parkisons disease or tremors.

After sometime in June, they checked his CD4 count again and it was still very low at 152. They gave him medication which never helped him. They told him to continue with the ARV's he had defaulted from, but they never changed them and they were not working at all.

I now recalled Cellfood as all the medications were not working. I bought 1 bottle and gave it to him under his tongue for 4 days and then I started using still water with some drops.

Within a week, the trembling stopped and he started eating well. He could not even watch TV as he used to sleep most of his time, but now he can walk, drive and watch TV with us.

I just want to thank God for this miracle supplement.

This is his testimony.

Want to get in touch with Johanna? Contact us on +27 860 CELLFOOD(23553663) or email us on and we will give you her contact details.


Elias Gedion Tshikovhi

Tel : 060 815-8940 / 078 433-3609

I greatly appreciate the opportunity of giving my impressions - to bear my testimony to share with you the miracle contained you're your Cellfood product. My fundamental impression of Oxygen For Life I can give you in words which most of you know from your products. 15 years back my sister suffered the greater tragedy of HIV related disease where doctors gave her 2 weeks to live. Nobody told me about Cellfood Oxygen For Life. I just entered Rosslyn Health shop where they recommended for me Cellfood Oxygen For Life. I then mixed it with 300ml of spring water to give my sister to drink. In just two weeks my sister was alive and well and still is today. Since then I have confined my remarks to the Cellfood product every time when family and friends are in a critical situation with any disease. I am the first to be asked for help. I usually recommend Cellfood product to them.

At present I am actually a Cellfood ambassador. I have already help many women with skin problems recommending they use Cellfood Skincare. They now don't use makeup anymore, their skin is now pure and natural.

I wish to make another point which I consider a wise exercise for the future. Your product is a matter of the greatest importance, which rest in my own hands. Many people survive on life support systems so if you`ve been blessed the gift of life, let Oxygen for Life SA (Pty) Ltd open its own health shop around the country. If business does not come your way you need to create it. Your qualities tell you a lot about your product and the most important is how the people make you feel and look after the people who support you.

Elias Gedion Tshikovhi are self-employed entrepreneurs : Distributing sport clothing and approval around South Africa

Email: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Linda van Oudheusden

Dear Gavin

We are very grateful for your generous support by supplying the Cellfood for all those infected with HIV / Aids. Sr Ethel instructed me to thank you for the great work you are doing. We now forward you some photos of our clients who benefit from the Cellfood product. We have also been tracking the CD4 counts of clients and have proof that they have improved as can be seen below:

Patient 1: CD 4 Count before treatment: 399, after treatment 479
Patient 2: CD4 Count before treatment: 250, after treatment 325
Patient 3: CD4 Count Before treatment: 544, after treatment 633
Patient 4: CD4 Count before treatment: 278, after treatment 343

Thank you again so much for making this possible!

Linda van Oudheusden
Missionvale Care Centre

Tel 076 873 6699
Fax 086 529 3349




Good Morning

I, Muriel Eskok ,Manager of Missionvale Care centre, Head of Health and Nutrition, wish to express our gratitude to you. Missionvale is a forgotten shackland in a beautiful city Port Elizabeth. The community is heavily burdened with the HIV/AIDS. Three out of every five people are infected with the virus. The Care Centre renders a LIFE SAVING SERVICE which would not be possible without your generous donation of CELLFOOD.

The infected clients who benefit from your contribution to alleviate the suffering of HIV/AIDS are 100% blacks. The increase of CD4 counts are remarkable and heart warming to see previously bedridden clients visiting the Centre to come and express their thanks.

On behalf of Sr .Ethel and the people of Missionvale we pray for prosperity in your company.

Without your contribution of CELLFOOD and generosity of donating it to us we would not be able to render this service.

May God bless you and your staff

Kind regards Muriel


Sister Ethel at Missionvale testimonial for HIV patients

Dear Gavin

I am Muriel Eskok registered nurse as well as manager of the Missionvale Care Centre. After 25 years of nursing, nothing can compare to the pain and suffering that I witness on my journey daily with HIV positive clients and full blown AIDS. We have a rehydration program whereby we administer at least 20 drops of cellfood into grape juice.

Left at the mercy of the Government who only administer ARV’S once the CD4 count is less than 200. It is here that the Cellfood has made all the difference, & I have witnessed it daily through our administration of it. People have got a sense of well being, fungal infections have been cured from it, CD4 counts raised. We are gratefull and humbled by your generosity and care over the years to the Care Centre, & Sr Ethel & Muriel. We appreciate your consistency with it.

We pray that your company will always be in a position to supply us with cellfood we would be without hope.


Kind Regards

Tel: +27-76-873-6699


HIV & AIDS (AIDS Consultant)

Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.

“A high-ranking government personality became a patient of mine. His AIDS status was advanced when I was called to visit him - he was already in a coma. His physician expected him to die within days. I immediately gave him some Cellfood directly under the tongue. I visited him twice daily and continued to give him Cellfood. Within 48 hours of starting Cellfood he had improved, and was no longer comatose. Within a week he was well enough to fly home to his family. He chose to discontinue taking Cellfood and died peacefully in the presence of his family. It goes without saying that these results would be far more lasting if given in early HIV stages, and not when ‘full-blown’ AIDS is rampant.”

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