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Prof Majid Ali

Dr Majid Ali is a medical doctor with an impressive CV relating to how oxygen can help heal the body. His CV and story follow below.


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Associate Professor of Pathology College of Physicians and Surgeons Columbia University, New York
President of Staff and Chief Pathologist Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, New Jersey
Diplomate, American Board of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology
Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine
Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
Professor of Medicine Capital University of Integrative Medicine
President, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Editor of The Journal of Integrative Medicine
In 2005, Professor Majid Ali, published a book entitled: OXYGEN and CANCER

His story

For forty-six years, I have studied cancer - as a student of medicine, as a surgeon, as a pathologist, as an immunologist, as a clinician preoccupied with oxygen equilibrium in the body.

As a young pathologist, I learned that one does not talk about restoring an immune system damaged by chemotherapy in hospital oncology conferences. That is where 'men' are separated from 'boys'. 'Men' do not engage in taboo subjects of 'building up the immune system' with chicanery of nutrient therapies and herbal concoctions. I do not recall if ever the word healing was spoken in thousands of those conferences. That was a word of the ‘'fringe medicine'. Real men of medicine were to remain above that.

All that changed when I began my work with integrative medicine and started to look at cancer through the eyes of my patients.

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