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My sister and I climbed Kilimanjaro between the dates of 18-26 July 2012. We did the Machame route.

I am sure you are aware that everyone suffers from altitude sickness with only the severity alternating from climber to climber.

I took Cellfood before, during and after the climb. My sister did not take it. Neither of us had very bad altitude symptoms, although I fared a bit better than she did. Apart from the odd sore throat and slight loss of appetite, I was fine. Likewise she did not have severe symptoms, although she needed to sleep with her head elevated to breathe properly. There were other climbers, not with us, but on the mountain at the same time, that were severely ill by night 3 and needed to descend with immediate effect. We could hear retching sounds and strict instructions to descend in the surrounding camp that night and woke to find half the climbers had left. Another climber was carried off the mountain on a stretcher with a drip after having an asthma attack at the base camp.

Thankfully we both summited and despite the freezing temperatures and a very tough night, we were both in very good health and high spirits.

Thank you for your support and providing the Cellfood. In the past few years I have suffered from CFS and this was a real test as to how much I had recovered. I was able to successfully complete the climb without resultant symptoms.

Kind Regards
Sandra Pope
T: 27 11 640-7400
F: 27 11 640-7401
C: 083 355 0155
P.O. Box 95476, Grant Park, 2051

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