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Many people who were previously suffering from arthritis have benefited from taking Cellfood. Again, it must be emphasised that Cellfood does not "cure" arthritis. It does provide the body with elements such as additional oxygen and minerals to deal with the arthritic condition; and one must continue taking a daily maintenance dosage for optimal benefits.


A typical example of an arthritic person who initially benefited from taking Cellfood and then stopped taking it is a 55-year-old businessman who had painful arthritis in his hands. He bought a bottle of Cellfood from a Distributor; and, four months later, he happened to meet the Distributor again. He told the Distributor that, within two weeks after having taken Cellfood, his pain had gone completely, and he had quickly regained strength in his hands. The bottle of Cellfood had lasted 2 months, after which he had not bothered to get another bottle. Gradually, because he did not change his life-style and eating habits, the arthritic condition returned. Unfortunately he had thrown away the empty bottle, and could not remember from whom he had purchased it. He was so pleased to see the original Distributor again, and immediately purchased two bottles of Cellfood. He later reported that his arthritic pain had gone after a few days of being back on Cellfood.


TEL: 073 046-4769.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia in early 2008. As you know that means continual tiredness, swollen joints, inflammation, lack of energy, constant pain and low mobility. Because of all the medication I'm on, I have to be exceedingly careful with supplements as this can work counter-intuitive to my meds and many items are on my "no no" list. I saw Cellfood whilst waiting for my medication at our local Pharmacy and picked up the bottle and started reading the box. Since it was oxygen and not a host of other ingredients I was able to try it. The difference for me started within 2 weeks. I had more energy - a lot more than normal. I also just felt better overall..... like a sheet of malaise was lifted. I take it every day and cannot imagine my life without it. It's a brilliant supplement and for those with other diseases, it's a supplement that you don't have to worry about!


Mrs Kay Moss

I lived at flower Foundation in Port Shepstone for 9 years and was riddled with Arthritis, could hardly get around and always in very bad pain. My dear next door neighbour Melpa Lehana had a cousin Dr Greg Plomartis, who put me on Cellfood, over 10 years ago.
I am now 93 years old and get around on crutches. But keep very well and the dreadful pain I used to get is much better and not consistent, only very occasionally.
Cellfood is wonderful; I still do crosswords, read and knit, thanks to Dr Greg, for putting me on Cellfood.
And my most grateful thanks to you all at Oxygen for Life SA.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Kay Moss



A more recent testimonial regarding gout received from a staff member at Dischem who are major distributors of our products below:

My name is Fred. My wife, Anette, works at the Dis-Chem in Canal Walk. At the wheelchair race at Willowbridge, you suggested to her that I increase the amount of Cellfood and add Cellfood Longevity. Thank you for the Cellfood and Cellfood Longevity you sent me.

I turned 45 in January 2006. I was diagnosed with gout in 1986 and have been crippled by chronic attacks since. I learnt to live with painful joints, all my joints - ankles, knees, hands, shoulders and elbows, often not able to walk or button my shirt. After watching the training DVD on Cellfood with my wife in November 2005, I started using it.

Please note:

  • Sleeping - from being semi-awake, never going into a deep sleep, I now have a full nights sleep and wake up refreshed and awake - wanting to get up.
  • Painful joints disappeared - I can get so much done in a day - my hands can open and close and grip without pain.
  • I can climb the stairs at my place of work - previously I always had to make use of the ramps.
  • My hair stopped falling out!
  • Dramatic increase in energy
  • Helped with heart palpitations
  • Blood pressure dropped from180/130 to 130/95

I showed my brother the Cellfood DVD. He started using it at the end of January. His insulin use dropped from about 35 units per day to 4 units. I spoke to him earlier today. He has stopped injecting and his blood sugar has stabilized on 4.2 You can contact him on - Fanie Rheeder.

Fred Rheeder

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