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Patients who suffered from asthma and emphysema have benefited enormously from taking Cellfood. Some, who have been working closely with their health practitioners, have reported that their lung capacities have improved, which has drastically improved the quality of their lives. Some have even been able to take up sports again.

It is very important for a person in this condition to consult a health practitioner, because health practitioners have told us that asthmatics must always start on a very low dosage of Cellfood, and be constantly monitored; because too much detoxification can bring on an asthmatic attack. In these cases, it is advisable for the person to take only one drop of Cellfood three times a day, and increase this by one drop every two days, only when the person shows some improvement in breathing.



Rentia Venter



Emmarentia Venter

Tel : 0827082930

Here is my testimonial. Since me and my mom is using Cellfood drops now for 2 months we can really feel the difference. I feel more energized during the day when I take mine first thing in the morning and it helped me to do more exercise whereas I normally got tired to quickly and/or too tired to start.

My mother (78 years) is asthmatic and since I gave her the Cellfood to drink in the mornings she also did not need her inhaler as much as she normally did and she also feel more energized. When in hospital they test her oxygen levels and it was normally here in the 80's and now it's 94 which is very good for her asthma. Just want to thank cellfood for this wonderful product and will definitely keep on using it and going to try all the other products as well.

Thank you

Rentia Venter & Martie Venter (Mom)


Josephine Francis - August 2016

I wanted to let Oxygen For Life know that I have been using Cellfood since December 2009, and I have noticed a huge improvement in my breathing as well as my co-ordination amongst other aspects and as a result, I have never stopped using this amazing product.

Tel : (012) 327-7920


Attention: Sales / Financial Manager

Thank you very much for the Cellfood information I have just received and read with interest.

I have been using Cellfood, (for many years since it first became available in Cape Town), on the recommendation of Brian Friedman, a Chiropractor who trained with Monks in Tibet)? It assisted greatly with the various joint and other pains I was experiencing at the time.

However most effective was it's effect on the early stages of Emphysema which my doctor had diagnosed. Now well over 10 years later, the Emphysema has not progressed and more importantly the regular colds, coughs & influenza with which I had been plagued since early childhood.have been cured. I have not had a cold or flu for more than 7 years. Occasionally I have had a sore throat or sneezing and by taking a few extra drops of Cellfood and placing some Vicks in my nose, within a matter of 2 or max 3 hours, I am back to normal and no cold develops. It seems to have a good effect also on the prostate cancer of which I have been diagnosed.

I am now an old age Pensioner of 81 years and as my Pension is less than R1000 p.m., I had to discontinue purchasing Cellfood about 5 years ago. Within a month or so all the old ailments, Colds, aching joints etc returned.

A friend, who saw the distress I was in at the time, bought me 2 bottles of Cellfood as a gift and within a matter of weeks, I was back to normal.

With the assistance of friends & family, I have managed to continue with Cellfood ever since.

Thank you once again for keeping me informed (all the trace elements & vitamins in your product are also highly recommended by Dr Jonathan V. Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in America.) His natural non-drug treatment is helping me greatly with my prostate cancer.

Yours sincerely

Paddy Leonard

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