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Emily Seddon - East London
Tel: 0764740704

My husband was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis last year. He was suffering from chest pains, weightloss, migraines, night sweats, and would often gasp for air when he was stressed. His addiction to nicotine was worrying too. He went for x-rays and they found bad scarring on his lungs and the doc recommended he quit smoking immediately. My eldest daughter started creche last year and for the whole year and we were constantly sick and on permanent antibiotics for flu. My baby would catch every bug too and it was a nightmare nursing 2 sick kids and a sick husband (who would be very sick with bronchitis every time he caught a chest infection) while I too was trying to recover from the flu myself.

At the beginning of this year my daughter started grade r at a new school. After her first day she came home with a high fever and missed the first 2 weeks of school. The whole family was sick again and I thought that we were going to fall into yet another cycle of contracting one flu virus after the next. While looking for a natural remedy to stop smoking at a health food store we came across cellfood and since it looked like a good way to increase your oxygen levels my husband decided to try it. After reading the inserted leaflet and all the health benefits we decided to put the whole family on it. Since taking cellfood not one of us has been sick. The night sweats and coughing are gone the general health and energy levels of my family have increased. Another benefit is that the fatty lump (lipoma) on my husbands back is gone too. I have also recently started using your shape and skincare range and love how they make of feel. Can't stop recommending it to everyone I know :)

Thank you for a fantastic product!

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