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Hot Water Burns

Dear Fiona

I attach photos of the baby's buttocks that was burnt in hot water on 10 July. I only took the photos 3 weeks after the burn, when I started with the skincare gel.

Initially it was much worse. Completely white, skin off, blood coming through. I DID NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO TAKE A PHOTO at the time. When the Doctor saw it on the 3rd day, 12 th July, she stood back and said, 'It's healed!'. She could not believe her eyes. Of course it was not healed completely at that stage.

The second photo was taken today, the 6th of October, 3 months later.

This boy has such sensitive skin, but despite that, it healed wonderfully. I believe this was a miracle!

Thank you for blessing us always with the most wonderful products!

Warm regards,




Everyday we learn more about the amazing properties of Cellskin Mist Spray. A Distributor was jet-skiing in the sea with a group of friends. One of the jet-skiers went through a shoal of blue-bottles and was badly stung. The group immediately assisted him to return to the beach, where the Distributor took out his Cellskin Mist Spray (which he always carried in case of sun-burn) and sprayed his friend’s wounds. Within an hour the group were back out at sea, jet-skiing as if nothing had happened.

Someone who was working in a barn disturbed a wasps’ cluster of nests. As he ran, he was stung at the back of the neck and on the shoulders by about 10 wasps. He lay on the ground screaming with pain. His friend immediately ran to the house to fetch the Cellskin Mist and sprayed his neck and shoulders several times. Within 15 minutes they were working in the barn again as if nothing had happened.



On 31 July 2008, I fell asleep on the floor whilst the underfloor heating was on. 

When I woke up I had obtained a severe burn on my right knee.  It was about 2 cm deep.  I was told that I would have to go to the doctor, I would need definate plastic surgery on my leg and must get onto some medication immediately. 

Due to my previous experiences with Cellfood Skincare I decided to take the matter into my own hands.  I knew I did not need all the unnatural products in my systems and could overcome this and even avoid surgery by using Cellfood Skincare.  I was even threatened by family members that I would loose my job if I did not get my leg sorted as part of my job was a lot of driving and they were convinced that I was going to loose my leg. 

When I showed my leg to one of the Oxygen For Life employees, Melanie, she nearly fainted and told me to pack it full of Cellfood Skincare which I did.  The deep burn took about 2 months to heal but is now beautifully healed and I continue to use the Cellfood Skincare for the scar.

Thank you to OXYGEN FOR LIFE for your fabulous product which has in effect saved me from the expense of doctors, plastic surgery and as some people assumed the potential loss of my leg from the knee down. 

Penny Rielly 082 386 2333

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