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A world-leading oxygen mineral
supplement made from the finest
organic plant ingredients, and
works by supplying essential
nutrients at a cellular level.

Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, selected
pharmacies & other leading retail outlets.


World-leading Cellfood® ticks all the boxes to maintain a strong immune system and adequate oxygen saturation levels with its vital mineral, enzyme, amino acid, and antioxidant profile.



It is the most advanced unique nutritional supplement globally, especially regarding the supply of oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids at a cellular level.

Cellfood® both cleans-up and nourishes the cells in an amazing, unique, and direct way. The matrix of minerals, balanced in specific ionic quantities, and the particular amino acids and enzymes, is the success behind the Cellfood® product.


The Power of Oxygen

Oxygen is the most important aerobic life element, being 65% of the human body, essential for energising and cleansing cells. Environmental factors have caused decreasing levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, resulting in serious health problems. Oxygen is the essential food for cells, as we need to provide our bodies with the proper nutrition to ensure a better quality of life.

With increasing mineral deficiencies in our soils, many of the natural sources of minerals we acquire from fruits & vegetables have been depleted. Nutritional supplements will assist in providing proper daily cellular nutrition.

Cellfood® ensures support & feeds your cells with the proper nutrients.




Available at Clicks, DisChem, selected
pharmacies & other leading retail outlets.

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