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Cell-Pet® supplies your Pet with essential elements and minerals that are required for proper composition of bodily fluids, maintenance of healthy nerve functioning, and formation of blood and bone cells.

Cell-Pet® Minerals are in physical colloidal form. Colloidal particles are minute and negatively-charged. Because most bodily fluids (like blood and lymph) are colloidal, your Pet’s bodily systems perceive Cell-Pet® as normal healthy body fluid, and allow these micro- nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive tissues of your Pet’s mouth, throat and oesophagus into the blood stream. They are then transported to all parts of your Pet, at cellular level.

Our proprietary Micro-Activated™ Delivery System, and Electroculture™ Technology, which are used in formulating and ionically bonding Cell-Pet®, ensure that over 95% of the nutrients are immediately absorbed into your Pet’s blood stream. By thus bypassing the digestive system, nutrients are rapidly available for assimilation by all parts of the body.

Furthermore, the electromagnetic energy released by the production of nascent hydrogen boosts your Pet’s immune system significantly.
The splitting of water molecules is a proprietary technology that was patented by Everett L. Storey, the genius and inventor of Cell-Pet® and other amazing products. Everett Storey was a physical chemist and microbiologist, to whom Albert Einstein gave recognition for his unique and revolutionary work with oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

Cell-Pet® Oxygen (from splitting of water molecules) is used in the production of metabolic energy, and for oxidizing toxins and metabolic body waste for effective elimination.

Cell-Pet® Hydrogen (from splitting of water molecules) is used for irrigating, building and strengthening cells and organs, preventing inflammation, moistening lung surfaces for gas diffusion, and regulating body temperature.

Cell-Pet® Amino Acids build proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters and anti-bodies, building your Pet’s immune system for resisting viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Cell-Pet® Enzymes enhance the digestive and metabolic functions of your Pet, enabling it to assimilate more nutritional benefits, than previously, from the foods that it eats.


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