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Daphne Harrison - June 2017

I would like to pass on my experience with regards to Cell-Pet.

I have a Rottweiler male who is 11 years old (a show champion). He developed a problem with his toe on his rear left hind leg. On taking him to the vet it was established that the toe would have to be amputated due to cancer.

After the amputation I gave him 3 drops of Cell-Pet in 10ml distilled water twice a day, bathed his foot in warm salt water and also put two drops of Cell-Pet on the wound and bandaged the foot.

I gave him fresh fruit with his food in the morning and one Colostrum capsule twice a day. The foot healed perfectly. After a year the cancer reappeared just above the toe. Being on the foot above the toes there was only skin nothing could be removed. I proceeded to soak the foot in warm salt water, dried it and put Cell-Pet and Mercurochrome on to dry it bandaged it and did this twice a day with the Colostrum capsules. The foot has again healed completely.

I also have a female Rottie aged 5 years and a Foxie of 17 years. I add Cell-Pet in their drinking water and it is amazing the performance of the Foxie.

I have been using Cell-Pet for the past year and can see the difference in my dogs.

Mohit Gupta, India October 2016


Oldest living dog was on CELL-PET®. Mr. Shyama Prasanna Sen saw amazing results on his Tom, the oldest living dog in India.

Tom, a Pomeranian belonging to Shyama Prasanna Sen of Palia Kalan, Lakhimpur-Kheri, Tom was 22 years and five months old as on June 22, 2015.


The dog was very close to Shyama’s father and after his death four years ago, the dog has not been his old spritely self. Tom’s mother Kitty too lived for 22 years. Tom eats fish, eggs and milk and loves playing with a ball and people’s sandals.

Deeply committed to saving and caring for animals, Sen heads the Society for Animal Welfare and Environment, an organisation that he founded.

click here to view the record ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fungal Infection

The treatment started on 15th July. This dog has been suffering from severe fungal infection for many months now without any improvement or healing taking place.
The Picture was taken on 21 July. Lots of healing has already taken place since the Cell-Pet® treatment started only 6 days ago. The owner only gave him 6-7 drops of Cell-Pet® twice a day by mixing in 20 ml water and also making sure that the dog drank all the water containing the Cell-Pet® prior to being given more water to drink. It is important that animals and humans alike, drink the best quality water available.

Amazing Improvement, As we can see Pet’s Owner is so happy with Cell-Pet®


Skin Burns


At the end of June, the Cell-Pet® Team visited an NGO in India and came across this very traumatised dog that has been suffering from burnt skin for at least the past 3 months and was in obvious discomfort. The Cell-Pet® Team immediately decided to give the dog 3 drops of Cell-Pet® diluted in 15ml’s purified water orally and recommended that this dosage be administered twice a day for 3 days. On day 4 and 5 the Cell-Pet® dosage was to be increased to 5 drops twice a day and to 7 drops twice a day from day 6 onwards.
In addition to the oral dosage, the caretaker decided to apply an anti-septic lotion to which 5 drops of Cell-Pet® was added. A further 5 drops of Cell-Pet® were added to an anti-septic cream.
The anti-septic cream dilution was well stirred in order to ensure that the Cell-Pet® is evenly distributed. This is very important as Cell-Pet® is highly concentrated and acidic.

Picture was taken on 13th July 2016. There is lot of improvement. The dog’s skin has healed very well and the hair has started to grow. Now Cell-Pet® will be given regularly to this German Shepherd breed.

Picture taken on 17th July

Picture taken 24-07-2016. Lot of improvement in skin burn case... Giving 6-7 drop Cell-Pet® mixed in 20 ml water every day... The wounds have healed very nicely and no infection occurred at all! The Veterinarian was very pleased with the results achieved in less than 1 month.

Lick Granuloma

This dog suffered from severe Lick Granuloma which is a vicious cycle of itching and licking causing an injury to the dog's skin. The condition is also called acral lick dermatitis (the word “acral” simply pinpoints the location of the problem to a limb or other extremity).

The improvement in the condition was very impressive and the Veterinarian stated that one can safely apply Cell-Pet® to the Lick Granuloma Wound as well as any other skin disease or infection.

As Cell-Pet® is acidic and highly concentrated, Cell-Pet® must NOT be applied to open wounds in undiluted form as it can cause a lot of pain to the animal when applied to the wound, Lick Granuloma or any acute or chronic skin disease or infection.

We recommend that a few drops of Cell-Pet® be mixed with a cream or gel such as Aqueous Cream or Anti-Fungal Liquid prior to being rubbed on the wound and Cell-Pet® mixed with a prior to be rubbed on the Lick Granuloma or skin disease / infection.


This dog suffered from Lick Granuloma – The Veterinarian applied 1 Drop of Cell-Pet® added to anti fungal liquid. Picture taken on 01-06-2016. This picture was taken on 04-06-2016. Lots of improvement after only 2 days.
Picture taken on 5th June 2016. Pet owner never took care of his pet’s health and just kept the dog on in order to protect his home. As the dog was suffering from Lick Granuloma, the dog was listless and hardly responded to anything due to the discomfort of the feet. His coat was very dull. Cell-Pet® was both added to anti-fungal liquid and also added to the drinking water at the rate of 6 drops per water bowl. Picture taken on 12 June – Exposed skin already covered by hair and the dog started showing response, barking and running. The Lick Granuloma had already disappeared and the sheen of the coat was much improved. Owner was very happy and decided to keep the dog on Cell-Pet®.

Very good improvement

Mohit Gupta, images June 2016


A 7 year old Pug named Broozo suffered from severe chronic Mange skin infection for the last 6 years.

Mr. Marwah the owner, who resides in Noida, images, consulted many Veterinarians across Delhi & Noida. Despite numerous visits to the Vet there was no improvement to Broozo's skin condition.

Mr. Marwah then referred to a Vet in New Friends Colony, who administered CELL-PET at a dosage of 6 drops of Cell-Pet mixed in 20 ML drinking water in a syringe which was then sprayed into the Pug's mouth. The Vet also instructed that 3-4 drops of Cell-Pet is to be mixed into some Aqueous Cream which was to be rubbed on to the Mange infected skin areas on a daily basis.

Cell-Pet is therefore able to oxygenate the body as well as the affected skin from the "Inside" and the "Outside"!

The treatment process started on 3 May 2016:

Photo of Broozo taken prior to the initial administration of Cell-Pet. Note the condition on 3rd May 2016 when the Vet diagnosed that the dog was suffering from Mange.

Mange is a type of inflammatory skin disease caused by tiny parasitic mites on dogs. There are two basic types of mange, Sarcoptic and Demodectic, which have separate causes and symptoms. It is important to be able to identify the signs of each, and to understand the difference between them. Though mange is rarely fatal, knowing how to recognize this frustrating disease early makes treating the dog much easier in the long run.

Sarcoptic Mange usually causes frantic itching. The dog may relentlessly scratch or chew at its skin to relieve the itch. The dog's skin, irritated from the constant scratching and biting, can easily become infected. The itching can even be so severe that it distracts the dog from normal eating, drinking, and resting.

Demodectic Mange, the least serious variety, usually results in one or two "thin" or bald patches in the dog's hair. Usually, this small patch will not appear inflamed or irritated and will not cause serious itching. Broozo was obviously suffering from Sarcoptic Mange.

On 13th May 2016, our Cell-Pet team visited Mr. Marwah's house in Noida. We saw that Broozo's condition had improved considerably since Cell-Pet was administered. Cell-Pet had oxygenated the body from the inside and the outside.

On 27th May 2016 Our same team again visited Mr. Marwah's house. We saw that Broozo's skin had improved even more which we considered to be quite remarkable. All the open wounds had healed nicely and Broozo is almost back to normal.

Please also note that Broozo's hair had also grown very well during the treatment process.

Another amazing result from Cell-Pet.


Kathy Sumner

Since Mary Carey recommended Cell-Pet® to me I have never been without it and all my dogs get Cell-Pet® daily.

I am a private citizen that loves animals and I presently have 5 pets. 2 Cats and 3 dogs. Most dogs I take into my care are rescue hounds in bad condition, and I use Cell-Pet® as part of the Holistic way in which I help them heal (inside and out). All my ?kids? are previously abused or ?throw away?s. I take them in, all with different physical and mental problems and they live with me till their time comes.

This is my 2nd lot of dogs; the previous 3 all lived to +12 years which is not bad considering they are large breeds who had terrible starts to life.

When my pets see a vet, the vets are surprised to see their ages as they say my dogs look years younger than their ?real? age. Their coats are in wonderful condition, they don?t have ?old dog? smell and in general they look physically well.

I have a ?wellness? approach to helping them heal themselves, inside, outside and mentally. They do see the vet for medical problems - like one I had who had a thyroid count close to zero - and they are given medication when required/for life (if required), but in general I always use holistic methods whenever I can.

As you can imagine they have:

  • Weak immune systems
  • Suffered from malnutrition
  • A desperate need of a thorough cleansing
  • A need for something to help them build their system up
  • A need for something to maintain their general wellbeing

By experimenting with changed dosages over time I have found that Cell-Pet® is the ?All in one answer!?

The dosages I apply to my dogs differ for each dog, differing according to ailment/general well-being and size.

I always add Cell-Pet® to their drinking water (as per instructions) but when a new dog is in a very bad condition I will give the Cell-Pet® with a syringe, directly into the mouth in order to ensure that the dog takes in all the Cell-Pet®. I Mix 1 or 2 drops, mixed with water, 3 X daily and I then start reducing the dosage as and when the dog?s health improves within a few days, when I reduce the dosage of 2 drops to 2 X daily for a few dogs and when the dog has recovered fully, I continue giving Cell-Pet® in the drinking water again.

My hounds have a really wide variety of ailments as they all come from different backgrounds; some from the bush (wild/feral), some from townships and some from abusive suburban homes. Here are some ailments my dogs have come with:

1. Township Cross Breed
80% Hairless, 50% burns, yellow teeth, deformed nails (like witches claws), FEAR of men, distrust of people in general, close to zero thyroid count, about half the mass he should have been, obviously his immune system was non-existent or very toxic and I was advised to put him to sleep.

Was he put to sleep?? YES, 11.5yrs later with the most wonderful 3 layer coat. Yes, overweight but even with regular blood tests and vet care we could never get his thyroid count up enough. The 1st 6 months were hard to ?mend? him, but one day he stood up, put the past behind him and he was a happy, healthy and naughty dog.

Phoenix +- 4 years Phoenix 10 years

2. A high % wolf cross dog
With all wild cross dog issues! Got her as a 5 week old pup. She was brought up on natural foods and never saw processed food. She was a giant breed started taking Cell-Pet® at age of 5yrs. She never saw a vet except for her spaying and 7 stitches from glass in the sea. She was with us for 12.5 yrs and to everyone?s surprise she never developed any hip problems in old age even though over 50kg. And she had no smell at all (old dog smell)

Tundra +- 6 years Tundra ? 12 years

3. German Sheppard Dog (bred to live 6 years smelling out drugs and bombs for police)
Born with hip dysplasia. Lived with us till age of 12. This dog saw vets about his hip issues and I never left there without the different vets double checking when I told them his age. Yes his hips were bad but he was a very handsome dog who looked years younger with a coat that a show dog would be proud of. Also never smelt like a ?ripe? dog.

Prince +-6 years Prince +- 11 years

4. Northern cross breed (Bred at a puppy mill ? no thought given to inbreeding or spine/bone/hip issues OR mental unstableness)
With all three mental issues of a badly breed northern dog. Her 1st home for 3 years was abusive and she was 10kg underweight. She had many head issues coupled with ?tummy? issues and her assimilation of food (and love) was really low. Her immune system was bad.

She was born with a crooked spine and hip dysplasia so she has pain when walking. She has been a LONG struggle and gets all sorts of holistic treatments to help her move forward in her head and body. 3 Years later (yes ... some take that long) and she is a happy girl who runs about with her ?younger brothers? (5&6 below) Her coat is like a well fed polar bear, her food assimilation is great, and we are shocked at how much she runs about with hip condition.


5 & 6. 2 Township/Bush rescues.
One (5) is pretty cool and the other one a wreck (6). This dog (6) just cannot put on weight and he is HIGHLY strung. He weight is now badly thin. The dogs all get Cell-Pet® in their water, but this one gets the extra daily dosages by syringe.

I am hoping the additional Cell-Pet® will build up his immune system, get rid of toxins, and provide him with any elements or minerals he obviously needs.

Both these dogs don?t smell doggie anymore ? and ... oddly enough my dogs don?t have flies on them or get fleas easily .... and NO they are not bathed often as this will cause loss of oil on the skin ... we prefer to brush regularly.

Dog 5 (Eddie) Dog 6 (George)

Dog 5 & 6 George on his feet (no problems) and Eddie who is VERY thin although not visible here. Both are +-18 months here


It would be hard for me to say exactly what Cell-Pet® has cured or helped with but for me it is just one of the essentials I use daily to keep the kids healthy.

I must add: We have what I call a ?health box? for the animals. In this is what we consider essential items for healthy hounds. It consists of Tissue Salts, herbs, homeopathic remedies etc. Cell-Pet® is one of the essential items in this ?box?.

So all in all I am so very happy with Cell-Pet®. Once I take in a new animal, and they have been on Cell-Pet® for a very short, I can see very big differences in their coats and this, to me is one of the visible signs of their health improving. I have very few vet bills as my hounds are generally in excellent health. They never get general complaints and are healthy and energetic ? I do think Cell-Pet® plays a big part in their general health and recommend that people who really care ? ?JUST USE IT?.

Kathy Sumner
March 2013
P.O. Box 19959
Ashburton 3213


Mary Carey

To whom it may concern

Having used Cell-Pet and Cell-Vet the Oxygen for Life animal products since 1998, I can only say that it is the most amazing product and that it does what it says it does!

All my animals, horses, dogs, cats, wild life and goats are on the product every day! The horses love it and I give them their Cell-Vet via syringe with about 20ml water added, and as I go down the stable row every morning, the horses open their mouths open as I say "ARRRRR". Once the animals are used to drinking water with Cell-Pet added, they prefer it to plain water.

Consequently I do not have many problems with any of my animals, no flues, no colic, etc. I very rarely see a Vet and I do believe that giving Cell-Pet on a daily basis contributes to this.

Furthermore I do not use blankets on my horses at all during winter, and their winter coats are hardly noticeable. I do put this down to the fact that the CELL-VET has the amino acids that boosts the endocrine and the immune systems, keeping the lungs open and clean and the digestive system balanced. Only since I started to use Cell-Vet did I notice a difference.

It is worth every cent I spend on purchasing the products, as my animals all have amazing natures, beautiful coats, good hooves, and their digestive systems all work well.

Being in the healing business for animals 90% of animals accept this product and do so well. Some of my clients have come off it due to owners slacking off and it is soon seen in their appearances. Does not take long before they are back on track and the animal is smiling again.

With the iridology one can see the digestive issues clearly. A big difference is seen once on the CELL-VET/PET after 3 months.

I would never take my animals of these products and do recommend this for any animal.

Mary Carey
Postnet 298
Umlaas Rd
Kwa-Zulu Natal
Telephone : 031 7854 393
Cell : 083 3011 427
Email :


Shelley De Beer

To whom it may concern,

I have been using Cell-Pet and Cell-Vet for at least 8 years on my dogs and horses as a supplement. They are all on a maintenance dose. It is my experience that since my animals have been using the product they are less susceptible to illnesses e.g. biliary, and therefore it is evident that their immune systems are strengthened.

Generally, it has ensured that my vet bills are held at a minimum.

As a caregiver I believe that Cell-Pet and Cell-Vet assists in giving the animal vitality and system support to optimize body functionality.

Shelley De Beer
082 335 7345
6 March 2013



Griffin was born with various health issues like food allergies and stomach problems. After trying nearly everything known to us, Cell-Pet was recommended to us by Mary Carey, Animal Iridologist and K.A.T.E, to help improve his digestion and allergic reactions. After a short period of time on Cell-Pet we noticed that his stomach started functioning normal and he stopped itching. Today Griffin is 2 years old and although he follows a special diet in conjunction with Cell-Pet, he is a very healthy active boy with a lot of love to give.

Georg & Chantelle Heinz
March 2013


Nilly and Tyson

I have been using Cell Pet® for the past two years on my two dogs, Nilly and Tyson. Please see picture below.

I have noticed much change in their general well-being and their coats are looking better than ever!


hen I give them fresh water daily, I use only a few drops of the magical liquid, so a little bit goes a long way!

It certainly has made a difference in their health and I will continue to use Cell Pet® for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for a great product.

Clairann Potgieter
Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal
March 2013


Long time users

I would like to share with you what my personal experience with Cell-Pet® has been since I first started giving it to all my pets in 2008.

When I was first introduced to Cell-Pet® I started giving it to Griffin, our elderly dog and Pippin our elderly dwarf rabbit who were both battling with their breathing.

Once we saw the positive effect that the product had on Griffin and Pippin, we started giving Cell-Pet® to Xena and Grogan as well via their drinking water. The change was honestly remarkable!

When Pippin (dwarf rabbit) was 9 years old he was really battling to breathe, so I gave him 5 drops of the Cell-Pet® directly into his mouth once a day, and he bounced back! It is just something we do normally every day when we change all the bowls of water, put the Cell-Pet® in their water! To my surprise, their appearance improved a lot as their coats got shiny and they looked generally a lot more healthy and happy!

Thank you for a great product.

Bonnie Boyle
March 2013

Xena and Griffin Grogan            Pippin

10 April 2013

Message for John from Oxygen For Life

Thank you so, so very much for the 4 Cell-Pets, I am over the moon. I contacted you some time ago about my Pippin and Griffin, concerning their breathing, and I am positive it was you who told me about the drops directly into their mouths. I thank you, as this worked so well. Sadly our Griffin (Staffie/Ridgeback)passed away, battling his fight with Cancer, BUT he fought it for over 4 years and lived to 13 years old. Our Precious new Lad (Grogan), whom we got from Animal Action at 7 weeks old, had to have both his femur head and neck removed from chronic hip dysplasia at age 9 months, he is now 15 months and running, jumping in and out of the car, on and off the beds, better than any doggie. He was born with no Adrenal glands, and we have him on Licorice tabs which work wonders, not to mention the Cell Pet, which I have never stopped. Our 12 year old Staffie (Xena) adores Grogan, and I swear keeps up with him because of the Cell Pet in all their water bowls, and once a day directly into her mouth. Sooooooo you can see, why I am so happy to receive these 4 bottle as a gift!

Thank you again,
Kind regards,
Bonnie Boyle




Report written by Penny Rielly 082 386 2333
Jason is one of the worst cases of animal neglect that FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals) has ever seen. FORA received a tip off 25 November that an emaciated dog had been seen in Roodepoort. He was found and taken to the shelters premises in Krugersdorp where he started his new life with food and a chance at a life and recovery (although many thought he would die cause of just how bad his condition was). It was so horrific it, it made front page of The Citizen Newspaper on 29 November 2009.

Jason's journey

Jason had a severe type of mange, was too weak to stand up, could not be re-homed immediately due to malnourishment and a need for constant veterinarian care and supervision. He had lost almost all the hair on his little body which is caused by the severe malnourishment. Penny was even unable to identify the breed of Jason and thinks that it is a Dalmation Cross, as his body is black (without spots) with white bib. Time will tell.

On Friday 4 December 2009 Oxygen for Life donated Cell-Pet and Cellfood Skincare to assist Jason with his recovery process. The results were almost instantaneous. Within a few days Jason was starting to have little patches of hair grow on his body and was starting to look rather plump. His feet which were raw started to lose their pain in 3 days and he was walking quite comfortably. He had a lot of raw sores around his neck and on his head and with constant application of the Cellfood Skincare, the rawness started to be covered and started to heal. Breggie van Loggenburg, Shelter Manager at FORA could not believe it, she said she had never seen anything like it, she truly believes that Oxygen for Life products are miracle products.

Jasons Journey

6 December 2009 ? Relaxed and Contented ? Unbelievable Improvement

Penny says: ?On my side I can honestly say that having used Oxygen for Life products since my introduction to it, some 5 years ago, that it is simply fabulous. I have had several animals, even a lion cub, which have been rescued from various situations and Oxygen for Life as a company have always been there to help us with products to get the animals back to health and happiness. Their kind donations and constant interaction in the animal world astounds me. I always wondered if I am pushing my luck but it is never too much for the Oxygen for Life Team.? Jason has now come to his new home (14 December 2009) where he is looking better but we will continue to use the Oxygen for Life products on him until he has made a full recovery.

Jasons Journey

14 December 2009 Jason?s First day at his new home.

Jasons Journey

15 December 2009 ? ?Shall I have a swim, maybe later??

Jasons Journey

16 December 2009 ? Jason dreaming, ?My but this is a nice place, am I in Heaven??

Jasons Journey

14 January 2010

"Thank you for all you have done for me Grant. I love you and Penny
more than anything in the whole wide world!"

We will be providing progress reports and photo?s of Jason.

Comments by John Verhoog, Operational Director, Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd. (OFL)

Penny Rielly has been a very special friend of OFL for a number of years now. The empathy that she shows towards animals is astounding and we are extremely proud of being acquainted with Penny.

It has been a great privilege for us to provide Jason with Cell-Pet and we are willing to continue doing so for the rest of Jason?s life.

Comments by Jason

?Penny, I am at a loss for words, but I would like to thank you for saving my life. I will protect you and your husband Grant with my life, for as long as I live?

Please also thank FORA on my behalf. I do not know what would have happened without them.

I cannot say that I like the taste of Cell-Pet, but believe you me, I know it is good for me and I promise to keep on taking it! Thank you Oxygen For Life!?




Tsolé is a special dog. Personality and intelligence are exceptional despite the very rough start to her life which she obviously must have had. As an approximately three year old, she was found by friends in a wilderness area outside Gaborone in Botswana; she looked thin and emaciated, caring for 4 puppies by catching whatever edibles she could get. She lived a short while in Gaborone and then my friends emigrated and Tsolé came to my house. Some months before this happened, I had started to supplement the feed for my horses with Cell-Vet® with astonishing beneficial results. The horses had a much better resistance to disease, more stamina during work sessions, brighter eyes and shinier coats.

Tsolé was also put on Cell-Pet®, given in a little water with a syringe directly into her mouth.

It was really astonishing to see how her brown and white coat, thin and wiry initially, became more colour-intensive with cute reddish brown dapples and soft, which and velvety to the touch. Her eyes transformed from a dull brown into a transparent amber colour. It was wonderful to observe how her under-nourished body, with the help of Cell-Pet®, made up for the earlier years of starvation turning her into a lively, alert and healthy dog that everybody loves. Cell-Vet is easy to administer. The other two dogs in my household, one is a seventeen year old Labrador who is still well and active get the supplement in their drinking water and I am convinced that it keeps them healthy and my vet bills low.

Eike Schmidt
Chartwell Country Estates
21 November 2006



We have a 26 month old Bull Mastiff who had to have her excruciate ligament repaired. She went through the normal six week recovery period of confinement but still limped badly. I started with Cell-Pet in her water on a daily basis and can now say that her leg is 90% sound. I feel that this was attributed to the addition of Cell-Pet into her water. This has now become a daily addition to all of our animals? water.

Sue McLain
July 2005



Popsie (After 2 months Cell-Pet®)

About 30 months ago the health of my now, 9 years old, fox terrier, Popsie, started to deteriorate. She became breathless and seemed to go lame in her hind legs whenever she became excited or tried to run. Eventually she could no longer walk even short distances without plopping down to rest. She also became bloated.

Her condition worsened gradually at first, and then after about a year of this, she seemed to lose all interest in her surroundings and the games she loved to play. Her tongue turned blue. Her health now declined rapidly. In the beginning of December 2003, she crawled away in the grass ready to die. She was rushed to the vet, who administered medication and an intravenous drip. His diagnoses was that she had acute kidney failure and that she had no more than 3 months to live. He could not explain why she was so grossly bloated.

The dog was also placed on a special protein-free diet. Her condition only improved marginally, but over-all she was still a very, very sick little dog- so much so that we expected the worst every single day.

Then in mid September 2004 she suddenly became violently ill. She could not breathe. Her eyes rolled in her head with the effort of it all and she fell about helplessly on the floor. There was nothing we could do but watch her die. Even mouth-to-mouth resuscitation had little effect. She could not stand and fell all over the place, crashing into furniture in the process. Somehow however, she made it through the night, but was extremely weak. Grabbing at straws we accepted advice to treat her with Cell-Pet®.

We doubted that it - or anything else – would make any difference, but we were prepared to try anything. We began by giving her 2 drops per day. Within a few days Popsie’s condition seemed to stabalise. Then we noticed a gradual turn-around of her condition. The colour gradually returned to her tongue and she seemed to breathe more easily.

Filled with hope, we continued the treatment of 2 drops Cell-Pet® per day, and slowly but surely Popsie’s health responded. She seemed to become less bloated and had more energy. She started showing interest again in things like grasshoppers and butterflies and started to bark again. She now trots where less than 2 months ago she could not walk. She has an extremely healthy appetite and is no longer on a protein free diet.

Unfortunately her health seemed to have taken an irreversible knock, but she is improving beyond our wildest expectations.

Where Popsie should have died many months ago, we now have a dog that is more alive and lively than she has been for the past 3 years. Her condition improves on a daily basis and we will continue to give her Cell-Pet® until she dies of old age.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that our prayers and Cell-Pet® has saved our beloved pet from an untimely and unnecessary death.

Johann Nel
Elands River
24 November 2004

Further improvements to Popsie, since the 24 November 2004, has been the growth of hair on her stomach which she didn’t have before. Her hair changed from being course to very soft.

She has gone through a minor healing crisis lately and developed an itchy rash on her skin which is in the process of going away.


South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind

We are pleased to inform you that Oxygen, the guide dog that we have sponsored, is doing well and that it is currently on the Puppy Walking Scheme. (See July 2004 newsletter) The Puppy Walking Scheme is when volunteer Puppy Walkers will socialize the puppies by getting them accustomed to interaction with humans and their environment. This process takes on average 12 ? 14 months and we will keep you informed of progress made.

We have also placed all the other dogs currently being treated at their internal veterinary clinic and those dogs currently undergoing training at the Gladys Evans Training Centre, on Cell-Pet® and we have been informed that the following positive changes have already been observed after only 4 weeks on the product:

? Far fewer incidences of Coprophilia (condition when dogs eat their own faeces)
? Shinier coats
? Reduced instances of itchy skin and resultant scratching

We will continue to monitor the situation and give you updates from time to time.

October 2004




Zizou joined our family as a 10-month old pup (adopted from the SPCA in Sandton).

In time we learned that he suffered seizures. Being a long time Cellfood user, after reading-up on Cell-Pet on the Oxygen For Life website, I started him on 6 drops of Cell-Pet per day (with his a.m. biscuit). What a dramatic, positive change ..! Within 3 months the seizures definitely became less frequent. He is now 3 years old, still has his 6 drops of Cell-Pet per day, & has been seizure-free for over 12 months ..!! He is a healthy, happy boy and I attribute this to the nutrition he receives in his Cell-Pet drops.

15 July 2013

Zizou has recently celebrated his 7th birthday .!! He still has his 6 x Cell-Pet drops on a daily basis .. he is super-healthy, intelligent, curious, alert & an absolute joy .. AND the seizures remain under control. Thank-you to Oxygen For Life for being part of his well-being & for giving us such a healthy, happy boy. He will definitely be a Cell-Pet pooch for life.

Berice Fayard


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