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Reason for using Cell-Pet® for Birds?


The purpose of the Poultry Broiler Project was to establish whether or not there was any benefit (e.g. financial, income from saleable broilers, etc.) in dispensing Cell-Pet® for Birds (formally known as Cell-Chic®)* in the drinking water of broilers. This Poultry Broiler Report records the findings of the project.

Cell-Pet® for Birds* is an amazing oxygen mineral supplement, that increases oxygenation in the blood stream; improves digestion; and improves the immune system, the metabolism and the general well-being of a broiler. As a natural plant-based product, Cell-Pet® for Birds* is safe to use with all types of birds, and has been achieving excellent cost-effective results throughout the world, especially in the poultry industry in America, Japan and Mexico.

Cell-Pet® for Birds* is currently registered by the South African National Department of Agriculture as a Super-energized Oxygen Mineral Supplement (Registration Number V15885 – 2000.10.18) under the section “FARM FEEDS”; however, Cell-Pet® for Birds* should more correctly be classified as a nutroceutical, and will be reclassified as soon as it is possible to register it as such.

A very important part of this project was to observe the consequences or withdrawing all forms of vaccinations, anti-biotics and growth stimulants from a sample of broilers, and only replacing these items with Cell-Pet® for Birds* in their drinking water.

(Cell-Pet® for Birds* is based on Cellfood®, the world-leading oxygen mineral equivalent product for humans, that received the 1997 Advanced Technology Award from The International Hall of Fame in USA. Both products are manufactured by Nu Science Corporation in USA.)

Click here to view the complete Cell-Pet® for Birds report


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