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What is Cell-Pet for Birds?

Cell-Pet® for Birds (formerly known as Cell-Chic®) is a unique liquid oxygen mineral supplement, in a super-energized concentrated colloidal form that increases oxygenation in the blood stream; and improves digestion, the immune system, the metabolism, and the bird’s general well-being. As a natural plant-based product, Cell-Pet® for Birds; is safe to use with all types of birds, and has been achieving excellent cost-effective results world-wide with Racing Pigeons, Tumblers, chicken production, parrots, budgies, etc.

Cell-Pet® for Birds
Registration No. V15885 Wet/Act 36 of 1947
South African National Department of Agriculture
Super-energized Concentrated Oxygen Mineral Supplement for PIGEONS, POULTRY AND CAGED BIRDS

Cell-Pet® for Birds is manufactured by Nu Science Corp. U.S.A. in an F.D.A. licensed laboratory, and is based on the same technologies as Cellfood® for humans.

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