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Other Reasons

Other reasons for using Cell-Pet® for Birds (formerly known as Cell-Chic®) :

• Is cost-effective and easy to use
• Reduces ammonia content in manure, thus reducing possible damage to lung surfaces and susceptibility
   to respiratory diseases
• Reduces need for costly medications

Today, bird owners owners are being faced with increasing environmental pollution and fluctuations in the quality of food and drinking water which makes birds more susceptible than ever to distress and disease. Deficiencies of Oxygen and Minerals lead to accumulation of metabolic waste and toxins in bodily systems, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens, thus making the birds more vulnerable to disease. Costly medications are then used to remedy the situation, often retarding the growth and condition of birds.

Cell-Pet® for Birds can be given to birds simultaneously with Anti-biotics and Viral Medications. Cell-Pet® for Birds will make these medications more effective as it is the level of absorption of the elements, minerals and trace minerals being taken up into the cells of the body that is important. This is directly influenced by the level of toxins in the cells. The benefit of taking Cell-Pet® for Birds, which is a nutritional supplement, is that the elements, minerals and trace minerals are highly concentrated, super energized and colloidal (minutely negatively charged particles) which facilitates the absorption of these elements into the cells.

A nutritional supplement for birds is increasingly found to be more relevant these days where viruses and bacteria are either becoming more resistant to medication, or mutating into highly dangerous organisms. To withstand and create a buffer to the “germ world” onslaught, a nutritional immune booster called Cell-Pet® for Birds is essential.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of Cell-Pet® for Birds the quantity of Cell-Pet® for Birds required is determined by the quantity of water consumed by the birds daily. The general ratio of Cell-Pet® for Birds to drinking water is 1:2,000 i.e. if the quantity of water consumed daily is 2 liters, one would add 1 ml of Cell-Pet® for Birds into 2 liters of drinking water.
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