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  What is Cell-Vet®?
  Reasons for using Cell-Vet®
  How Cell-Vet® gets Results
  Chemical & Biological Levels
  What else does Cell-Vet® do?
  Is Cell-Vet® a Medicine?
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What are the benefits of using Cell-Vet® :

As a dynamic multi-action agent, Cell-Vet® is environmentally and ecologically safe for all types of animals. It has no detrimental side-effects, and has numerous benefits for animals:

• Enhances vitality and energy
• Reduces lethargy or distress
• Reduces unbalanced hyperactivity
• Protects against diseases
• Enhances optimal bodily functions
• Strengthens systems, e.g. immune system
• Balances body mass
• Improves digestion
• Enhances texture and sheen of coat
• Promotes peak performance
• Maintains general well-being


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