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  Reasons for using Cell-Vet®
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Reasons for using Cell-Vet®

• Works fast and effectively
• Is cost-effective and easy to use
• Achieves sustainable results

Today, increasing environmental pollution and fluctuations in the quality of food and drinking water are making animals more susceptible than ever to distress and disease. Deficiencies of Oxygen and Minerals lead to accumulation of metabolic waste and toxins in bodily systems, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Therefore, the amazing supplement, Cell-Vet®, should be given to your animals every day, for enhancing their nutritional biochemical activities and enabling them to function optimally.

What else is Cell-Vet® good for?

Cell-Vet® diluted (1 ml Cell-Vet® per 20 ml distilled or filtered water) can be applied topically to wounds and sores on the animal’s skin. Apply as often as required.

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