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April 2019 

We all know how important oxygen is for us as we go about our daily lives, and even more so when we exercise. 

Oxygen is essential for energizing and cleansing of our cells, and when we don't get enough oxygen this can disempower our systems from fighting harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. 

That is why I love using the Cellfood products, to ensure I'm giving my body the best chance to compete, while staying both healthy and strong. Cellfood supplies my body with oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids at a cellular level. This helps optimize my performance levels, decreases the build up of lactic acid and accelerates my recovery, all of which are super important to me as a professional athlete. 

I've been using Cellfood for many years now and, as an athlete who trains hard and diligently every day, I couldn't imagine not starting my day off with Cellfood. It is truly an amazing product. 

February 2017 

My name is Gordon Gilbert. I am a professional football player and I have used the Cell food products for the last few years.

I was introduced to cell food (Oxygen For Life) some 4 years ago and choose to use it religiously as I have so much faith and belief in the product. 

I honestly think it's one of the best and underestimated products out there. If you try cell food you will not look back and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I feel very clean and healthy, you may say how would that be possible, well I am a professional athlete and have been for 14 years and have become so In tune with my body. I Definitely feel a great difference training and performing with cell food being part of my diet and supplementation. 

You will recover better, feel a greater flow of oxygen, and your immune system will be reinforced which is a huge benefit as training hard really knocks your body. 

I would like to thank Oxygen For Life for there continuous support and would urge anyone to try the product and read up about the remarkable benefits. Simply life changing. 

From day one, I felt more healthy in general. I testify that my energy and recovery on the field during matches and training have definitely improved. My power in the gym has also increased dramatically. 

Being an elite athlete, I feel the Oxygen For Life products have boosted me to have that vital edge.  

It’s the most natural product to use to give you as an athlete a fair advantage.

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