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Louwrens Roslee

Hi, my name is Louwrens Roslee, I am a professional Body Builder and Weight Lifter. 

1     I have competed in many body building competitions all around the world. 

2   In 1994 I represented South Africa at the World Championships, it was a very exciting time in my life, to represent such a wonderful country and compete internationally. I also had the honour of Nelson Mandela coming to the airport to see me off to the championships.

3    In 1995 I once again represented South Africa in power lifting, squat, bench press and dead lift competitions. I came 4th in the dead lift competition.

That same year I won the South African Body Building Championships. 

1     In 1996 I participated in my first bench press competition and I came 3rd but a subsequent neck injury put my competing on hold. 

2    I returned to competitions in 1999 and competed in the South African championships. I won the bench press and broke the existing record.

3    The following year I won again and broke my existing record for the bench press.

4    In the following few years I competed in various other competitions throughout the world, such as New Zealand and Australia. I was in the TOP 10 in the world for bench press, 242 and a half kilos.

Through all my hard work and training I have achieved great results. However I must admit that I had a secret aid, Cellfood Sport. When I found out about Cellfood Sport I began taking it immediately. I enjoyed the fact that it was an all natural product as the industry is very strict regarding performance enhancing products. I benefited so much using Cellfood Sport that people began asking questions and wondering what I was taking, as I was performing at my peak. Many people thought I was using something illegal. Cellfood Sport is 100% natural. 

I am still using Cellfood Sport these days, 1 hour before my training and during my training I continuously sip it. I find that my endurance levels are much higher as I am doing very strenuous exercise with lots of heavy weights. Another great benefit from using Cellfood Sport is the incredible recovery time. It is truly amazing. Although Cellfood Sport is the product I mostly use I also maintain my normal health levels by using Cellfood® and Cellfood Longevity as well. 

I am a firm believer in Cellfood Sport and recommend it to all sport enthusiasts. 

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