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Bongani Bashe - Runner

Update - 28 FEB 2017 

Good Day Fiona 

I trust you and your team are well. I am still very much inaction and still participate in a lot of marathons and other short races. Still fuelled by Cellfood and Cellfood Sport for recovery and endurance. On Saturday I did participate in a marathon and ran a good time of 3:00.21 covering a distance of 42.2km and this was a qualifying marathon to participate both on Comrades and Two Oceans Marathon. 

I am happy and satisfied with the products and I continue to buy Cellfood at Disc-Chem and other pharmacies locally. Running is no longer a hobby but a lifestyle. Running 6 days a week covering long distances requires a strong body with sufficient energy to pull through. Cellfood does exactly that - assist me with recovery in order to wake up and still perform to the best of my ability. 

I hold a full time job and my role requires me to stand all day long facilitating learning sessions. With few drops of Cellfood every morning I can easily sustain energy throughout the day. 

Delegates in class often praise me with how energetic I am through these sessions. Recently they wrote and gave me feedback on who I am in class and being energetic comes tops. I have attached this as evidence and comfortable to say it isn't my own hand writing. 

I have attached photos of me during last Saturday's Marathon Running. 

Thanking you and your team for the continued support. 

Kind regards 

Bongani Bashe 


Buffs Marathon in East London 2015

Good Morning Fiona and Team 

I have been looking forward to share with you the results for the past weekend. I took part in the Buffs Marathon in East London and attached is the results for the day. Breaking a 3hr barrier is such a challenge for most marathoners. I am very happy that in December 2014 and February 2015 I have managed to break this barrier and thanks to the Cellfood and Cellfood Sport that assist with both endurance during races and recovery after racing. These are positive and promising results towards my goal in attaining the Silver Medal at Comrades Marathon 

I am working hard and I have to thank you and your team for always looking after me and the products are really making a difference. 

Thanks once again and I will keep updating you and your team with future results. 

Kind regards 

Bongani Bashe 

Click here to see the time splits. 


Comrades Marathon 2014 

Good Day Fiona 

Comrades is always a very tough event. "Hard is what makes it Great." And only well prepared Athletes will overcome the Gruelling 89,28km distance from Peitermaritzburg to Durban. 

Through such endurance one needs good supplements and the the Cellfood and Cellfood Sport gives you exactly that. 

I have attached my time spilts to show you how I progressed during the race. 

Click here to see the time splits. 

Thanks very much for the support once again. 

Kind regards 

Bongani Bashe 



Good Day Fiona and Team. 

Compliments of the new year and may 2013 be the Year to Dream and Achieve. I have returned from the Vacation Leave this past Monday. 

This is a courtesy follow up/ update to the last message I sent to you in December. 

"I have successfully completed the Marathon on the 16th December 2012. It was a 42,2km standard marathon. I have managed to complete the distance in 3HR26Min. 4 minutes faster than my target as per email below. I would like to Testify that the Cell food product is really doing wonders for me. This is evident on my ability to train twice per day in the morning and evenings. This is something challenging for someone who has a demanding job. I stand all day long facilitating training sessions. Sometimes having to drive 3-4 hours and putting on my running gear after that has since been a habit. Last Tuesday I have manage to drive from East London to Port Elizabeth, 330km distance and there after I ran a 15km IN 1HOUR 05 MINUTES. Cell food is good to assist my body to recover well after each workout and this gets me ready for the next one." 

There are 2 major long distance races facing me ahead, see details below. I am currently training and preparing for these events through courage and determination. I do not doubt that with your assistance and the Oxygen For Life products, I will surprise myself with how much I can do. 

You all have a good day. 

Kind regards. 

Bongani Bashe 


Good Day Fiona 

I am sorry to respond this late on your emails. I have been delivering training out of town in remote areas here in the eastern cape with limited access to e-mail. I am doing very well and the training is building up progressively well at this stage. 

Since I received the sponsor from you, I was preparing for the Soweto Marathon. I got sick 2 weeks before the race with really terrible cold and I had to pull-off, I HAVE SINCE RECOVERED. I have a Marathon here in the Eastern Cape in Umtata on the 16th December and my aim is to run a 3HR30min Marathon. These are all the Preparations for the Two-Oceans and Comrades.

Here with my Plan 

1. Marathon 42,2KM distance, 16th December : aiming for 3hr30min 

2. Marathon 42,2km distance 26th January: aiming for a 3hr00min

3. Marathon 42,2km distance 23 February: aiming for a 2hr50 min

4. 30th March: 56 KM Distance aiming for a 3hr55min: TWO OCEAN MARATHON.

Fiona, with all the assistance you gave me, I believe to see some progress through consistent training. 

Thanks once again for the support. I really need it. 


Good Morning Fiona and Team. 

It is with great excitement to inform you with my progress in Road Running. Once again I have recorded a personal best whilst competing in a 50KM road race in PE this past weekend. I saw an 8 minute improvement from the last time I ran this race but most importantly the improvement not only on the time it took to finish but claiming the Gold Medal in this event by placing position 10th overall. 

Attached is the results. I am happy to inform you that this was the test of endurance, pacing yourself is very key however to my surprise, I was moving faster than I expected. 

Click here to see the results

Once again, Cellfood Sport aids with recovery after a hard training session. During such long runs, it is muscle cramps that become your worst enemy when you are at your peak. I am happy to say that Cellfood kept these cramps away from me to claim my first Gold Medal in an Ultra Marathon. 

I am now sharpening the speed and pace intervals training towards a good time in the Comrades Run. 

Thank you once again for your Continued support. I am a happy Cellfood athlete. 

Kind regards. 

Bongani Bashe

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