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April 2019 

Herewith an update of the many events in 2019 Team Karan Beef, which Cellfood are proud sponsors of, have taken part in. 

Dischem Ride4Sight 

Adolf Krige, one of the team VA riders, achieved a 2nd place at this event with Lionel Pinto in 4th position.

Berge & Dale

This was the day for Adolf as he won the sprint to the line in what could have been a photo finish. 

National SA's

Cape Town Cycle Tour

The prestigious event saw Lionel Pinto claiming 4th position in his starting group.

Cape Epic

Jody Schaper VA team rider and his brother braved the Cape Epic and finished this gruelling event.


On the track, we saw some Gold and Silver medals claimed by both William James and Thys Koekemoer at the Gauteng Provincials. Thys is also currently in Cape Town at the Track Nationals competition and doing the team proud with one silver medal in the bag, and we just got word that he is now the National Champ in the sprints in the 30-year category claiming a gold medal today 




22 January 2019

With the racing season kicking off in full force this weekend with the Gauteng Provincials, hosted in Pretoria on a circuit around the union buildings, this promises to be another great year for the team and our sponsors. No rest for the wicked as our next race is already next weekend, being the Value Logistic Fast One race in Midvaal, and soon thereafter SA National Championships also hosted in PTA, and so the season continues. 

Attached are also a few pics taken on one of our training rides and a quick pause at a coffee shop. As you know, cyclists and coffee are inseparable :-)

22 November 2016

We are so proud to be sponsoring this amazing athlete, William James, and his great cycling team - Karan Beef / Heneways - who got a 3rd place on the podium in this year's 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

20 September 2016

I'm sure you will have seen some hype on social media again this weekend that we had another successful weekend of racing! 

Our elites were racing at the Meals on Wheels cycle race on Sunday 18 September 2016 and showed some excellent form with Kai Pritzen taking 2nd place in the race. It was an exceptionally tough day out with the weather being very cold and extremely windy. The team worked well together and got Kai in an early break resulting in a podium place. 

Next races coming up will included the: 

- D2D race 

 - Amashova 

- Satelite Classic 

Kind Regards 


1 September 2016

Just a quick email once again to keep you posted on what's happening within our team and races.

As the summer is fast approaching, so are the races! Our next road race will be the Rand Water Race For Victory held on 11 Sept whereby we will have a full squad competing on the day. We as a team decided to have a little warm up before this event and decided to enter the Transvaal Galvanisers MTB race which was held this past weekend.

Our boys really had a lot of fun on the day and although it was an extremely tuff race, we managed 2 positions on the podium... 1st and 3rd place. All the boys finished in the top 15 on the day with 4th place, 10th place and 15th place. Results on RaceTime. This was really a good day in the saddle!

Races coming up include:
- Race For Victory
- Meals on Wheels
- Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge
- D2D Cycle Race
- Amashova
- Bestmed Jacaranda Satellite Classic
- Carnival City Macsteel
- 94.7 Cycle Challenge

We will keep you posted on the events and share our results on Facebook and Twitter.
Once again, thank you so very much for your continued support to our team!!
Kind Regards

4 February 2016

Herewith an update of my recent cycling events and results.

Firstly I want to thank you once again for your ongoing and generous sponsorship to our cycling team!! I trust that our Tweets and Facebook posts together with on the ground promotion and word of mouth assist in the sales of Cellfood Oxygen for Life.

It is always good to feedback on a top 10 placing in races, or even simply when the guys had a good race. But of course we have to brag just a tad when we hit the podium… and in this case, TOP of the podium!!

The Value Logistics Fast One race is the first major race for the year and is well supported by Licensed riders and Fun riders. All the teams that race in the licensed vet category (Team Karan Beef/Heneway, Clover, Token, Northcliff Cycles, Complete Cyclist, etc) were present at this race in the licensed vets category. We knew it was going to be a tuff race.

From the gun, the race was on!! The race continued at high pace with a number of attempts for a break away. We sent out a team member in each one of these attempts just to make sure that should the break hold, we have a rider in it. Eventually there was a break with a number of strong riders and Waldek Wasowicz was our team member who joined in on this break. This was the one that stayed away!

Nearing the final kilometers of the race there were some individual attempts in this breakaway group to break away and chase the line, however each time these riders were caught by the breakaway group. Waldek decided to put a huge effort in with over 1km to go to the line and the group couldn't catch up with him. He comfortably took the win of this 96km race in the licensed vet (VA) category.

The rest of the team was in the main bunch controlling the race from this angle and preparing riders for a line sprint, should we catch up to the breakaway group. Lucky for us as a team, Waldek pulled off a spectacular win in a time of 2h:13m:46s

Our Elite rider Kai Pritzen finished in the elite bunch with a time of 2h:08m:12s One of our ladies riders, Nicolene Naude, finished with a top 10 position in the elite ladies race with a time of 2h:32m:21s. She is actually a vets rider, so well done to her!
Attached please find some various pictures taken on race day. The images are named accordingly.

Next races coming up for the month of February:

- 6 Feb - Berge and Dale
- 11-14 Feb - SA National Championships (DBN)
- 14 Feb - DisChem Ride for Sight Classic
- 21 Feb - MacSteel Carnival City Classic
- 27-28 Feb Track Gauteng Provincials

So a very busy month :

We hope and trust for many more such lovely emails of Team Karan Beef/Heneways - Proudly associated with Cellfood Oxygen For Life hitting podiums at the races!

30 September 2014

A quick update of my recent cycling events and results. 

Powerade Lost City Cycle Classic - Presented by Bestmed (115km) (16/8/2014) 

The licenced vets filled the starting line on a fairly chilly but very windy day at Sun City to kick off the 2014 edition of this race. Of course there were a few breaks here and there but with wind howling as it did we knew small breaks won't last very long. At 40km to go the pace started picking up quite rapidly and with 30km to go we formed a 18 man break away. We stayed away from the main bunch but did drop a cyclist or two in the final km's. At the sprint for the line I managed 14the place in the racing group. Not ideal but not too bad either. 

Dome2Dome Cycling Race - 102km (7/9/2014) 

The D2D was never part of my racing calendar however I was approached by Team Karan Beef to ride in their team. This race was part of their racing calendar so I had to oblige. The first part of the race was near perfect racing conditions, where the second half had us facing our good old friend… the wind. Some marshalling issues in the final few km's of the race caused an upset amongst the racers who were all racing for podium position. After the marshalling confusion came the finish line whereby I finished in 10th place. Not really a true reflection of the race as many racers lost their original positions with the lack of marshalling. But, all done and dusted and let's look ahead to the next races. 

Rand Water Race for Victory - 110km (21/9/2014) 

The good old classic race with the dreaded gravel road section J Besides the couple hundred meter dirt road stretch, this is a quality race that tests the entire peloton. Towards the final few km's there were a fair amount a scuffling around as it boiled down to a bunch sprint. Again racing for Team Karan Beef I was at least hoping to make a podium position as I was well positioned in the sprint. I finally crossed the line in 6th position with a mere 2 seconds dividing myself and the winner… close call 

Springbok Plant Hire Cycle Challenge - 82km (24/9/2014) 

Another race that wasn't in my calendar but was asked to join in by Team Karan Beef J From the gun it was an extremely fast paced race with all elites, juniors, vets licenced riders in one group. With extreme wind conditions we managed to form a breakaway group of around 15 riders and we stayed away. This was probably one of the toughest 80km's I've done given the windy conditions but still managed a 5th place at the end in this big group. 

Races on the horizon 

Tsogo Sun Amashova 

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge 

Continues promotion for Cellfood 

Besides word of mouth and having A LOT of people phoning/asking me about Cellfood as they now know I'm an ambassador, I Tweet on Twitter fairly often together with messages on Facebook promoting Cellfood. It is through these channels that people are aware that I use the products and seek advice on Cellfood and the usage thereof. I have our cycling team and club (and of course my family) all making use of Cellfood products (mostly bought at Dis-chem Greenstone) 

Once again I can't thank you enough for your continues sponsorship in my cycling (and my lifestyle)!!! 

Kind Regards 

William James 


22 June 2014 

On the 22 June I raced in the Country Wide Medals race hosted at Stonehaven on Vaal. 

It's a relatively short race (60km) with only a few brave cyclists willing to bare the cold. I'm sure you must have seen the Tweets going out as well as my Facebook comment after the race as I won the race! 

Stonehave on Vaal results are here: 

Attached is the same photo that I placed on both the Twitter feed as well as the Facebook messages. 

Thank you once again to Cellfood Oxygen for Life for keeping me on top of my game!! 

Kind Regards 

William James

Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour 2014

I managed 2h:58m. Not what I had hoped for, but, considering the weather on the day, I suppose it wasn't too bad. It was said on the day by the commentators that this year's race was on average around 20 mins slower than the previous year because of the wind. At least I'm one of only 485 riders out of 35 000 that managed a sub 3hour race. 

Thank you to Cellfood Oxygen for Life for their continued support within my cycling career. You guys are amazing!! I love my cycling!

Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge 2013

Results of the Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge 2013 here

Attached please find the results of my latest race. 3rd PLACE!!! There was literally inches between us. The race was held at Stonehaven on Vaal and was called the Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge. This was a short race of 60km which stretched from Stonehaven out 30km and return the same route. Unfortunately there wasn’t any photographers at this race 

Momentum 94.7 cycle race 2013

The complete article is available at this link: 


At present this sport is being reflected in a bad light as a result of all the doping scandals that sponsors have been involved in. William is, however, happy to take Cellfood as it does not contain any of the banned substances listed by The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). He is extremely proud to say, that despite never having been selected for testing, he is from the old school and is happy to remain on the straight and narrow path, having never used any banned substances.

William is also registered with Championship (Number 8DZS2W7) as well as Racetech (Number RAC90974) for timed events. These are the two major organisations who conduct the relevant chip timing at most events hosted nationally.

William James told us "My dad Willie James was a professional cyclist for most of his life and when I took on the cycling sport, we decided that we will cycle the 94.7 race in 2013 as we had never cycled this race together. Sadly, my father passed away last year November and hence I will still ride the 94.7 this year in his honour and memory." (See photo of Mr Willie James)
It is for this reason that William James will be participating in this year's 94.7 wearing specially designed kit in memory of his dad. 

We salute you William and we will follow your progress throughout the 94.7 race with great interest. This will no doubt be a very emotional race day for you.
Past events on William's racing calendar:
17 August - Powerade Lost City Classic for CANSA - 115km
31 August - Fountains Cycle Race 105km
22 September - BestMed Campus2Campus Super Classic 95km
9 March - Cape Argus 109km
Some of William's recent races and results are:
Carnival City Macsteel Classic - Completed the distance of 65km in 1h:55m:45s and placed 12th out of 101 group riders
Emperors Palace Classic - Completed the distance of 105km in 2h:52m:06s and placed 16th out of 261 group riders.
Rand Water Race For Victory
William unfortunately hit a small rock in the road which punctured both his wheels. Luckily a good Samaritan from another group stopped and gave him a spare tube.
Despite this he completed the race in 3h:33m (110km) which was 20min after the leaders.
Go West Cycle Challenge - William managed a time of 3h:06m over the distance which placed him in 15th position for his first VA race (There were 41 VA riders in total)
Amashova - William managed a time of 2h:45m over the 106km distance.
Pictures below of William going up 1000 Hills and his sprint to the finish line.

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