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My name is Robin and I enjoy body surfing really large waves. The experience of skidding down the face of a vertical wall of water is one that can only be felt, never fully described. In order to attain a satisfactory level of fitness, I need to train consistently for a sustained period of at least six weeks. At age 45, this is proving to be more and more of a challenge, as injuries, sickness, or just plain fatigue keeps me from my routine. 

It is for this reason that I need to thank my friend and nutritionist, Lee McQueen, for introducing me to Cellfood. This product comes with a mile long pedigree (I mean 2xA4 pages of fine print) and really makes a natural difference. Ongoing energy, resistance to minor ailments or illnesses and recovery from small injuries are once again the norm in my life. No nonsense, no chemicals, just a simple formula that my body has been able to identify with and utilise for the purpose I require. 

Why and how exactly Cellfood works, I cannot say. What I do know is that since beginning the daily consumption of Cellfood just over two months ago, I feel younger and stronger as my energy levels are better sustained. This has helped me get back to doing what I love most, at the level I choose to perform it. 

Perhaps in August this year I might even end up at the World Bodysurfing Champs in California. As for a medal; who cares! I just want to bodysurf their waves 

Hope this helps someone else as much as Cellfood has helped me. 

Robin Möhr 


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