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Janeane Potgieter

Mariette Eksteen introduced us to Cellfood at our running club, Pierre v Ryneveld. I love the detox action of Cellfood. If you stop drinking it regularly and start to take it again, you actually feel your body detoxing. I especially feel this after weekends when we don't always eat or drink as healthily.

The Cellfood Sport really impressed me. I used to feel that my chest is tight when starting my run - almost like asthma. When taking Cellfood Sport, this feeling lasts no longer than half a kilometer. My chest opens up faster and I actually feel like a can breathe better, as if I take in a lot more oxygen.

I also sweat a lot, which I never really do, so my entire body gets cleansed during a run! I have been doing a lot more kilometers since last year, and have improved my times on my long runs (50km's) this year with 20mins! This is with every long run!!

I have also noticed that if I do get a cold, it doesn't last that long. I had major flu on Monday, with a sore throat, coughing and sinus everywhere. It's Wednesday and I am completely germ free. My secret: Cellfood: morning and night! And Vit C. No doctors, and no anti-biotics: I am allergic anyway!

I love the product a lot! It's affordable, easy to use and I believe it boosts your immune system and "enhances" your performance by increasing oxygen intake. I recommend it to all athletes and parents. Because face it: We need all the help we can get!

Janeane Potgieter

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