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Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.

“The most profound and significant effect in all my clients who take Cellfood is a huge immune boost. Results are particularly noticeable after the first year. Because of the detoxing effect that Cellfood produces, a number of people still experience colds and other infections in the first year; and I always advise them to persevere through this healing crisis. They realise the value of this when the next winter arrives and they remain well. Cellfood users rarely get flu. When they do get common colds, symptoms only last 2 - 3 days and are mild (remarkable since we always say a cold lasts 7 days with or without medication). I advise clients to increase drops drastically at the onset of illness and then gradually reduce when they feel better.

“When you take Cellfood, your body’s immune response remains strong. I am a perfect example of this. I have been a school nursing sister for the last 4 years, and see between 50 - 70 sick pupils and teachers daily (close contact). I am exposed to several different viruses from colds to gastro, daily. I have taken Cellfood for 5 years, and I am rarely effected by any of the bugs I am exposed to.”

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