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Longevity Product:

Whenever we feel a cold coming (scratchy or even a sore throat, sneezing), a few sprays at intervals as needed into the throat and it (flu, sickness), goes away very quickly (sometimes supported by "normal" cellfood drops at intervals to combat whatever "attacks").

Normal Cellfood:

I take personally between 5-10 drops every morning and haven't been sick for years…..and that while other people around me have colds and flues around me. When there's bugs going around I increase either dosis to 15-20 drops or simply also take in the evenings.
When you get an "ugly cut" we apply undiluted Cellfood on the wound. Although it burns it immediately stops bleeding and seals the wound to a degree. This also applies to sores inside or outside the mouth when a fever blister has developed, although burning quite a bit, the improvement is remarkable. We even dose our dogs with it when they have illnesses or conditions and it always helps, leading to a quick improvement in their conditions.

Skin Product:

When we apply the skin product (especially in the face), the smoothness of the skin becomes incredible (especially amazing in the dry winter months). With cuts and other sores the application of the product accelerates the healing process drastically.

Gernot Langwieder

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