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The above competition closed on Friday, 25th March.

Our 5 winners are revealed below, and on our social media pages:



My family will never be without Cellfood ever again. My son started using it 3 weeks ago after being very sick from contracting COVID - my son truly battled with his health. I suggested he try Cellfood and he started taking it immediately. A couple of days later, he did not suffer from shortness of breath, heart palpitations and constant tiredness anymore. For myself, I have an irregular heartbeat so I use it for my heart palpitations. From this I have also suffered a lot - constantly feeling lethargic. Taking Cellfood drops improved my symptoms with over 90 percent. My husband suffers from asthma but feels a lot stronger and has improved 99% after starting with the Cellfood drops. He does not use his asthma pump daily anymore! His late son, that passed away a couple of years ago, used it daily to give him strength, as he recovered from Chemo and Radiation. Just seeing how Cellfood drops helped him on a daily basis gave us huge respect for your product! Thank you for an incredible product which we will promote constantly. We will NEVER be without our Cellfood products in our home again and we promote them far and wide. Regards Marlene and Family.



At the age of 63, I train relatively hard for mountain biking and have found Cellfood a real source of energy over the past 11 years. Also during the COVID lockdown, my father passed away at the age of 82 from asbestos-induced cancer, experienced during his early years as an electrician. As a close family we supported my mother during this time by sleeping over and seeing to his needs. On a day my brother felt ill and went for a COVID test, testing positive. Because of our close proximity, but showing no symptoms, I also went for a test and tested positive. I believe the blood thinning qualities of Cellfood is a determining factor. As LOTS# (Life on the Streets - Alberton) Director, I work with 'street people weekly, and more regularly taking people to hospital, clinics, rehabs, etc., and still the COVID has had no impact on my health.



I put Cellfood in my water bottle while I am training and it just gives me that extra boost. I didn't get Corona while my husband had it so bad last year he almost died. I am a great believer in Cellfood and I do not go a day without it. I have also seen what Cellfood can do for you in the gym. It definitely helps the muscles both perform better and form better. Last year when my husband had Corona I did not get it at all. We were together 24 hours a day, and I truly believe it is because I was, and still am, taking Cellfood! I will never stop taking it. I even recommend it to my clients.



I have a down syndrome daughter Shaunae born with weak lung. It was so bad that she couldn't even eat without vomiting. In 2002 we put her onto Cellfood. Since then we have had such success with her and her chest. I will be eternally grateful for the difference it has made in our lives



My family uses Cellfood for overall health. We have used Cellfood now for many years as a natural supplement for quick healing. This is truly a game changer to the body's healing and just overall health. Highly recommended. I found that the healing of the body was well supported whilst on Cellfood. Recovery is good and energy levels felt good. I had a bad liver issue in 2018 and Cellfood was one of the products prescribed by my natural health doctor to take. I am so glad to have found Cellfood

A big thank you to all who participated.


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