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Roumè Groenewald

I had COVID the first 2 weeks of 2021, and immediately bought Cellfood. It definitely did help me.

My skin was brighter, and my COVID symptoms were mild.

I can testify that with the help of Cellfood it did put oxygen back in my body; just a few drops in a glass of water and you ready to go.

Thank you for this amazing product. or 072 962 2526


Shealagh Mackenzie

I had a dose of COVID last July and as I'm 77 with a rebuilt spine, two prosthetic hips, diabetes and high blood pressure.

I was dubious of the outcome.

Thanks to Cellfood and vitamin D I got through it at home, with no hospitalisation.

You sell good stuff and I'm very grateful.

Shealagh Mackenzie, 082 574 4512


Vineshree Krishna

I absolutely love Cellfood.

A friend of mine introduced me to it after I tested positive for COVID in January.

My fatigue has totally disappeared and I have lots more energy.


Letlhogonolo Maotwe

I bless the day I knew about Cellfood.

It helped a close family recover from COVID so well.

I recommend it to everyone especially those who have asthma.


Gladwell Pikes Mpikwane

I first used Cellfood when a relative bought it for me while recovering from double pneumonia, diarrhoea, dementia, and was just terribly sick to the extent that they all thought I wouldn't make it.

I have experienced a remarkably speedy recovery though initially I did not have much confidence in the product.


Linda Mgweba

My mom and dad were very sick in December.

Their oxygen levels were low - mom was at 80% and my dad was at 77%.

They were on Cellfood - 30 drops in a glass of still water twice a day.

I also bumped their vitamin D3 to 50,000 iu per day for 3 days, their vitamin A to 100,000 iu for 3 days, and vitamin B1 and vitamin C - 2000mg - 3 times per day.

They were also on an Iron supplement, Ivermectin rub 2mls for 5 days, a Doxyclycline antibiotic and Colcicine for inflammation.

I believe all these products together were responsible for their speedy recovery.

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