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Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.

“With so much publicity about DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and deaths on long overseas flights, I was pleased at the opportunity to put Cellfood to the test.

“Hanlie, an airline pilot’s wife, who travels overseas frequently, recently noticed swelling of her lower limbs. After one of the flights, her legs were so swollen that she could barely walk. She came to see me, and I advised her to take Cellfood daily; and, when she travelled, to mix 40 drops of Cellfood in one litre of distilled water, and to regularly sip this mixture throughout the flight. She also had DVT stockings made for her legs.

“She has subsequently done 3 overseas flights without any trace of oedema (swelling). On her last flight (to New York) she forgot to take her stockings; and, with only Cellfood, she still experienced no oedema. She also reported that since taking Cellfood, she no longer experiences jet lag.”

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