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To get my story 100% correct:

I have suffered from sleep apnoea for years. I started using Cellfood in February 2011 as a substitute for energy drinks. I had no other condition that I was aware of, except for chronic tiredness. This changed within days after I started using the drops.

During the period before February my GP suggested a CPAP machine for the sleep apnoea. While I was still considering this I started using the Cellfood and within days all the snoring and breathing stoppages ceased to such an extent that I get proper rest now and have had no incidents up to now. As a nice side effect I also lost 13 kgs. I was about 15 kgs overweight and had given up on ever losing the weight. Turns out that I had a Diabetic type 2 problem causing the weight problem. With this rectified by the Cellfood I almost magically lost the weight without changing my eating habits, which are very good anyway.

Since May I also started using the Cellfood skincare for blemishes on my legs and can already see the difference.

Take care

Hennie Engelbrecht



Telephone conversation 3/6/2010.

It is with pleasure that I would like to comment on Cell Food. I have been using Cell food for about 3 weeks and all I can say is that it works wonders. At first I was very sceptical about the product, as one hears a lot of stories on new products. After some investigation I decided to go for it.

I have the following problems :

1. High blood pressure
2. Serious ulcers on both lower legs.
3. Very bad blood circulation on said legs, caused by an fiddle spider's bite, so bad that both legs were nearly amputated.

Two years ago my blood preasure was 225/156. That is correct. I was on 6 different pills per day for this. Since using cell food I am not using any medication any more. Order from my doctor.

The ulcers on my legs are healing so fast that the Dr's think it is a miracle. 95% of my legs were covered by these ulcers. After very expensive treatment they were reduced with 80%. The rest are healing so fast that the drs can't believe it. About 3 weeks and they healed. The oxygen count in my blood was 35 at one stage - at is 95 at present. I was suffering from sleep apnoea and bought a R10000 CPAPP sleep machine to get oxygen in my blood and assist in sleeping. I haven't used it for 1 week now and feel wonderful. Anybody wants to buy a CPAPP machine? Cheap!!!

I feel like a new person and I have energy, something I last had when I was in my 30's. I get compliments from everybody that knows me on how healthy I look. People at work are using it now,my friends are using it. They all feel fantastic.

I will use Cellfood for as long as I live - it gives me OXYGEN.

Thank you Cellfood, now I can start living again. At 57 it's the bargain of a lifetime. Now I want to try Shape.


Johan Branken


Well I am on Cellfood for 2 months and the only word I have to describe it is, WOW!!

I never felt this good for a many years. I can actually breathe properly; most of my aches and pains are 90% better. The ulcers on my legs are 99.9% healed. The Wound Care Sister reckons she can see the healing are faster than normal. They even look "good".

I am down from 60 cigarettes a day to about 5. With Cellfood I don't need them anymore. My step daughter is a Lieutenant in the SADF in Bethlehem. She is 25 years old and was always tired . She has a very tough and demanding job. I gave her a bottle of Cellfood. After a month she is beginning to be the daughter I got to know. Full of life. She reckons her concentration is better as well.

The best one is my Cellfood Shape. I have lost 5kg in 1 month WITHOUT using your diet. I worked out my own diet. I am ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I am feeling better every day. It is the best stuff I ever started using. I'm hooked on Cellfood for life.

Some people ask if I rep for Cellfood! Can you believe that?

Thanks Cellfood for turning me and my beautiful daughter's life around for the best.


Johan Branken

Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg

Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.

“When one understands that the pancreas is a chemical factory; and, without certain ingredients, it cannot produce sufficient insulin in order to balance the blood sugar level, then it is easy to understand how Cellfood can help a diabetic. Sugars in the blood have to be oxidized to produce energy, and require the pancreatic hormone insulin to do this. The pancreas requires five basic minerals to function effectively, particularly chromium, vanadium and zinc. Sometimes, for some unknown reason, the body does not absorb particularly sufficient chromium from your diet, and so insufficient insulin is manufactured.

“Because Cellfood contains these minerals; and because they are absorbed directly into the blood stream through the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, many diabetics have experienced great results when they have used Cellfood. One particular 9 year old girl, an insulin dependant, who was extremely unstable and diabetic since the age of 2, was brought to me at least 5 times per week. Her blood sugar would drop down as low as 2.2 (at this level, diabetics can go into a hypoglycaemic coma). I would give her the correct amount of glucose to restore her levels. Often 2 hours later she would be back with a blood sugar level of 26. I would then have to inject her with insulin to correct this. When I recommended that she start using Cellfood, her improvement was remarkable. She has not been to see me once in the last 6 weeks because of her blood sugar. She now comes to see me for a hug and to order more Cellfood.”


Dr Iain Johnson (currently resident in London UK)

Dr Johnson is a podiatrist and has been specialising in working with diabetics who have poor blood circulation, eventually resulting in diabetic ulcers and open wounds on their feet and legs.

He has been successfully using Cellfood and Cellskin Gel with his patients for several years, and prescribes them for all his patients. Dr Johnson uses his digital camera to photograph each patient’s condition before and after treatment; and he will, in the near future, be making this available to Oxygen For Life SA so that we can share this with others who suffer from this condition.

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