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Over a period of three years, after doing extensive trials with Cellfood and SWITCH (now branded as Cellfood SPORT) Dr Hemraj Gyaram mentioned the beneficial effects of these products in his publication, “Introduction To Diabetes” (see pages 86 to 89). Dr Gyaram is a medical doctor who specialized in diabetes in London. He now practices in his home country, Mauritius, and is the only diabetologist there, working with thousands of diabetics. Diabetes is very prevalent in Mauritius, with Dr Gyaram reporting that about 20% of the population is diabetic. Dr Gyaram has also published his book in French.

“Introduction To Diabetes” was reviewed by The South African Journal Of Natural Medicine, September 2009 edition (page 18); and Professor Jacques Rossouw (a consultant to Oxygen For Life) wrote an article on diabetes, which was published alongside the book review (page 19).

Both publications are available from: Hemco Publications, 7 Sir Virgil Naz, Rose Hill, Mauritius. Telephone: +230-464-3141. Email:

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01 - English edition
02 - Introduction & thanks
03 - Contact details
04 - p 86
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06 - p 88
07 - p 89
08 - French edition
09 - Book review
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