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How do I start?

Well I imported the Therapeutic Community Program from Singapore and subsequently travelled to many countries in the world including America where this programme was originated. The programme is based on four structures :

Behaviour Shaping; re modify the behaviour of addicts and re parent them
Emotional and Psychological effects of drugs
Spiritual develepment and values

So 15 years ago I introduced it to a small community in the Western Cape and had many discussions with Professor Willem Serfontein ( micro nutritionist) , Dr. Charl Du Randt and Dr. Les Emdin. I always felt there was something more than the programme that we must do for the Substance Abuser. Fortunately for me, I spoke to the correct people who gave me a lot of guidance regarding supplementation.

As we know that Drugs rob the body from very important nutrients. At that stage there were no courses I could attend regarding Micro Nutrition. I was guided by Dr. Charl Du Randt to read good books on Nutrition and he also made books available to me in this field of Nutrition. This could easily be about 21 years ago and I then joined a network company called CORPUS SANUS. They did not last too long in Cape Town. However I gained a lot from the Seminars and work shops that were presented by Professor Willem Serfontein as well as Dr. Charl Du Randt.

At the time when I started the Drug Rehab Centre, I came in with another angle of understanding and dealing with the substance abuser wholistically. My passion grew just more and more.

My clients were on nutrional supplements and were all doing great as oppose to the other sister rehab centre at that time. This was proven whenever we had a soocer match against the sister rehab centre.

I cannot recall exactly when I was introduced to Cell Food by Dr Charl. The name was appealing and I thought that I would like to try cell Food. What I then observed was :

  • more alertness
  • higher concentration
  • less tiredness
  • less mood swings

I was really happy to continue using the product. I started with 10 drops hourly for the first 5 hours for 10 days according to my discression and then reduced the dosage to 5 drops before breakfast and 5 drops before supper. During the day I introduced the addicts to drinking water according to their body weight, i.e. body weight devided by 10 plus two would give you the correct amount of water to drink for the day.

Some residents experienced detox symptoms, and all we did was to decrease the amount of drops for the day.

What I can say is, when I attended the seminar on the LONGEVITY spray,I introduced it to my residents. After a period of weeks, one could visibly see the glow and sparkle in the eyes and skin. Their body odour was more pleasant.

Many of my residents who went to seek employment in Johannesburg would monthly contact me telephonically and wanted me to courier their Cell Food and NCODE to them. This I did for a long time. I remember one particular resident, Yusri who became a very successful business man would always remind me that it was the supplementation of Cell Food and LONGEVITY spray that brought balance in his brain. He was one of my hard core addicts. He is 13 years clean till today and I am still supplying him with Supplements till this day.

What I can say at this stage is that those residents who were on Cell Food and NCODE had been with the programme upto 2years residential. After UPD could not supply me due to my orders being either too small as they started to cut down on many supplements, I noticed that I had to cut down programme time from 3 months to what I have today as 6 weeks. Cell Food is extremely good and I would recommend it to any substance abuser as part of the wholistic protocol. However the reason I stopped using it was only due to the clientiel I am servicing currently who are financially challenged most of the time.

We are a registered Rehab Centre now and we are accepting Medical Aid. In the near future the centre will once again be in a better position to supply our residents with a powerful oxygen drop that I believe made a huge difference in the recovery of the recovering drug addict.

By the way, I just remember that I use to give those having cravings one to three drops of Cell Food and 5 sprays of NCODE. Cravings disapears in seconds. I have no Scientific evidence, but this was my experience.

Kind regards

Abdul Gatieb Jacobs
Tel : (021) 396-1653 or
Cell: (083) 414-0548

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