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Gabriella Krause

Tel : 0823246529

I have suffered from Eczema since a small child, behind my knees, inside my elbows, on eyelids, back of my neck and hands.

I have tried new diets, cutting out different foods, doing raw diets, only juices, candida diets. I have tried every cream under the sun like crocodile oil, coal and aqueous cream, cortisone was the only cream that would keep it at bay and give me some relief.

I would even wrap my hands with bandages when they were bleeding and cracked with high percentage of cortisone and take cortisone pills like they were candy, and go to sleep with gloves on both hands.

My hands were so bad that it looked like all the skin was flaking off and I could peel off the skin in layers.

My hands were so rough and my skin was so thin from all the cortisone I was taking just to keep it under control.


I was given a bottle of Cellfood drops and Cellfood Skin Care to try on my hands. Oh my gosh did it burn that I was actually in tears but I persevered for about 2 weeks every morning, lunch time and night time and I started to see an improvement.

I have now been cortisone free for the past 3 months and my hands have cleared up to almost normal and my skin is now almost as soft as a normal person.

I have started taking the drops internally as well and only put the cellfood on twice a day

This has given me my life back and for me it is a MIRACLE

Please contact me if you would like to chat about it.

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