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I wanted to send you my testimonial with Cellfood as follows to place on your website.

I had Encephalitis, 3rd time in 4 years, I couldn't seem to get back to my normal self after 4 months. I was having Vit B injections weekly, on different vitamins to try boost myself, but the exhaustion just stayed. And my brain, was finding it difficult to even think of words I use daily.

I heard about "Cellfood" from a Homeopath (I know the name of the health shop where the homeopath is but cannot remember his name. It's called Just Beans in Pinetown, Natal) and immediately bought it. I started taking it that same day, it was a Thursday. Took the drops on my tongue and felt, difficult to describe, almost lightened. Everyday I used the product, I felt almost immediate boost. Within 1 and a half weeks, I woke up and felt so good, alive almost. Have not been tired now for 1 whole week and am thrilled. Still needing to think at times to remember some words, but that I can cope with.

Thank you, thank you.

Kind Regards
Gayann Buys

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