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Mrs Ellen Cilliers

“ In September 1999, due to epileptic attacks, my husband went to our Doctor for a check-up, and was diagnosed with 3 tumours on his brain. Two options were suggested to us: 1) Brain surgery; or 2) Radiation treatment. It was explained to us that there were risks involved with both the brain surgery and the radiation treatment, which could have resulted in my husband losing his ability to speak and to walk. This was unacceptable to us, especially at his age of 70. A friend suggested that I contact a Doctor (who knew about Cellfood) about my husband’s condition. The Doctor recommended that I give him Cellfood, starting on a low dosage, and then building up to 100 drops per day, as well as a strict diet according to his blood type.

“ Five months later, at the beginning of February 2000, my husband was x-rayed again. No trace of the tumours or any cancer was found. In scanning for the cancer, they x-rayed him from his stomach to his head, and were amazed to find that he was completely clear of cancer. He is now on 75 drops of Cellfood a day, and is driving his car again. His lifestyle is much better than even before the epileptic attacks; and he no longer has epileptic attacks.

“ We believe we serve a great and mighty God. He answers prayers, but we must do our part.”


Mrs. Amina Sheriff from Azaadville

Dear Dr O2

I have been suffering from epileptic seizures and was using medication called Epilem.

After checking my EEG results, my Doctor stated that the medication could have been causing the problems on the right side of my brain so they told me to stop taking this medicine and put me on a epileptic medicine called Phenibarb which does not have these severe side effects.
I then heard about Cellfood on Radio Islam with Dr Badat speaking, and started taking Cellfood right away.
I therefore want to let everybody know that I have seen a huge improvement, whereas I was previously having up to 20 seizures in 3 days, particularly in extreme heat, I then started experiencing only 2 or 3 seizures a MONTH.

This Cellfood product has also assisted me hugely with my depression.

Please feel free to place my testimonial on your website and interested people are welcome to call me.

Mrs Amina Sheriff
Tel : 011 413-3512
Cell: 073 886-3562

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