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29 December 2004 Photograph taken 2 days prior to next fertilisation.
Hydrophobic areas caused by sloping of ground as result of draining away of water prior to being taken up.Green in poor condition. Note hydrophobic areas and yellow colour of grass due to poor resistance to heat.
19 February 2005 Noticeable improvement! Aeration of soil as a result of the Open-All treatment has resulted in increased water retention. Water is also able to penetrate the soil easier with the result that the grass roots are able to absorb the water an nutrients.

12 April 2005. Green is looking tremendous. Players commented that they have not seen the greens look as good as they do now for a number of years. Bounce and roll of the ball has also improved. One player commented that the grass underfoot appeared to be softer and that the ball seemed to roll slower. Once she got used to this, her game had improved and was good for her game.


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