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29 December 2004 - Photograph taken 2 days prior to next fertilisation. Note yellow appearance of grass as a result of ponding that takes place on this green. After a reasonable rainfall or after the green having been irrigated for 15 minutes, this green always had a pond with a 3 meter radius that remained for up to 3 hours.

29 December 2004 - White appearance caused by spreading with sand layer. Soil sample taken.

19 February 2005 -Grass much improved. As previously stated, this green used to experience significant ponding after having been irrigated or after rain. This problem has now been largely overcome as the ponding that used to take place on this green, after a reasonable rainfall or after having been irrigated for 15 minutes, this green’s pond now only has a 500 mm radius which dissipates after 20 minutes. This is a significant improvement, particularly when play resumes after a short rainfall of after overnight rain.

12 April 2005 - Grass in very good condition. Ponding problem no longer an issue as water and nutrients are able to permeate the soil quicker and easier than before.


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