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Photographs taken prior to initial treatment. Note the severe hydrophobic area, caused by slope of ground as water runs away prior to being taken up by the grass.
Bent grass has a superior root system to POA. 19 February 2005 – Note the amazing recovery of
the previously hydrophobic areas.

12 April 2005 – Note that the soil sample plug is more solid that the previous soil plug extracted in February 2005. This is due to the improved root growth subsequent to the Open-All® treatment.

14 April 2005 – Note the fact that the grass on the green has practically fully recovered from the hydrophobic conditions prevalent on this green at the outset. The soil sample extracted on 12 April 2005 was consistent with the soil sample extracted on 29 December 2004 in that it was also taken 2 days prior to the next fertilisation treatment in terms of the usual programme. Despite the slope of the green, the grass has recovered well as the water and nutrients etc. are now better able to permeate the soil with the result that there is less water flowing over the green. The remaining yellow spots will be reduced further over the next few months.


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