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Dr Jacques Rossouw

Dr Jacques Rossouw

Scientific support for Cellfood Sport

DSc Biochemistry, Hons Pharmacology, MBA
Consultant and owner Dunamis Nutrition International (PTY) Ltd

As a biochemist and sport scientist consulting the nutritional supplement industry, it is important to rely on scientific information as made available by sound peer-reviewed double blind placebo controlled studies.

Cellfood Sport has been evaluated by a South African University on sport people, resulting in amongst others a reduction in lactic acid accumulation and increases in VO2max and haemoglobin saturation.

Research also backs the inclusion of the three actives namely Cellfood®, Citrin K and l-carnitine. Cellfood® supplies cells with nascent oxygen, a blend of minerals, a blend of enzymes and a blend of amino acids. Citrin K helps to control appetite and also inhibits the enzyme responsible for the conversion of excess sugar into fat. The amino acid l-carnitine helps with the transport of long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are oxidised to generate energy.

People who would like to lose weight, that follow a balanced diet and exercise at least three times a week will benefit from using Cellfood Sport - Science won’t let you down.

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