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Dr Jacques Rossouw
Scientific support for Cellfood Sport

DSc Biochemistry, Hons Pharmacology, MBA
Consultant and owner Dunamis Nutrition International (PTY) Ltd

As a biochemist and sport scientist consulting the nutritional supplement industry, it is important to rely on scientific information as made available by sound peer-reviewed double blind placebo controlled studies.

Cellfood Sport has been evaluated by a South African University on sport people, resulting in amongst others a reduction in lactic acid accumulation and increases in VO2max and haemoglobin saturation.

Research also backs the inclusion of the three actives namely Cellfood®, Citrin K and l-carnitine. Cellfood® supplies cells with nascent oxygen, a blend of minerals, a blend of enzymes and a blend of amino acids. Citrin K helps to control appetite and also inhibits the enzyme responsible for the conversion of excess sugar into fat. The amino acid l-carnitine helps with the transport of long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are oxidised to generate energy.

People who would like to lose weight, that follow a balanced diet and exercise at least three times a week will benefit from using Cellfood Sport - Science won’t let you down.

 Dr Gyaram

Dr Gyaram is a medical doctor who specialized in diabetes

He now practices in his home country, Mauritius, and is the only diabetologist there, working with thousands of diabetics. Diabetes is very prevalent in Mauritius, with Dr Gyaram reporting that about 20% of the population is diabetic. Dr Gyaram has also published his book in English and in French on diabetes.

Prof Majid Ali

Prof Majid Ali is a medical doctor with an impressive CV relating to how oxygen can help heal the body. His CV and story follow below.

Scientific support for Cellfood

Associate Professor of Pathology College of Physicians and Surgeons Columbia University, New York
President of Staff and Chief Pathologist Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, New Jersey
Diplomate, American Board of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology
Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine
Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
Professor of Medicine Capital University of Integrative Medicine
President, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Editor of The Journal of Integrative Medicine
In 2005, Professor Majid Ali, published a book entitled: OXYGEN and CANCER

His story

For forty-six years, I have studied cancer - as a student of medicine, as a surgeon, as a pathologist, as an immunologist, as a clinician preoccupied with oxygen equilibrium in the body.

As a young pathologist, I learned that one does not talk about restoring an immune system damaged by chemotherapy in hospital oncology conferences. That is where 'men' are separated from 'boys'. 'Men' do not engage in taboo subjects of 'building up the immune system' with chicanery of nutrient therapies and herbal concoctions. I do not recall if ever the word healing was spoken in thousands of those conferences. That was a word of the ‘'fringe medicine'. Real men of medicine were to remain above that.

All that changed when I began my work with integrative medicine and started to look at cancer through the eyes of my patients.

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Ashleigh Caradas

Ashleigh is a clinical dietician and also a nutrition consultant and freelance health journalist who is a regular contributor to Longevity magazine.

"Cellfood Sport is a fantastic metabolic booster that contains well-researched and effective nutritional ingredients. Combined with the magic of Cellfood®, Cellfood Sport’s powerful delivery system puts it at the top of the range of endurance improvement products. I recommend Cellfood Sport to all my athletes. Cellfood Sport has a wide range of applications beyond just increasing endurance, power and recovery in athletes. It's also an effective fat burner, appetite regulator and heart protectant."

Practice details: Sports Medicine and Exercise Institute, 100 Algernon Road Norwood AND 204 Oxford Road, Thrupps Center Medical Suites


Leslee Faul

Hi my name is Leslee Faul. I am a personal fitness trainer, health and lifestyle consultant and kinesiologist. I run my franchise business out of Virgin Active Classic at Melrose Arch. I base my training philosophy on a holistic approach incorporating lifestyle eating plans, exercise and advice on anti-aging supplementation. I have studied Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Sport and Resistance training.

I have worked with athletes and fitness professionals over many years and have studied nutrition and supplementation extensively for the purpose of performance enhancement, general well being, anti-aging and aesthetic satisfaction.

I take Cellfood Sport, Cellfood® and Cellfood Longevity on an ongoing basis and in fact won't be without these products. My sense of well being and energy is remarkable.

I have tried and tested supplementation products for over 15 years and can honestly say that nothing has made me feel better than the combination of these three products. The added bonus is that these products are all natural.

Contact: 082 355 7171 

Jono Blake

Oxygen, Carnitine and Exercise


There is no shortage of multinutrient supplements available to subscribers to wellness, recreational and performance fitness enthusiasts, and the competitive athlete. As diverse as these products and manufacturers may be, they all have one thing in common – claims of uniqueness and superiority. It is in exclusivity of contents and mode of action that these claims are realised, and Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport qualify for both. No other nutritional supplements can claim to function in the same way as Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport.

Aerobic metabolism and fat utilization

There is no doubting the value of oxygen for our physiological functioning as we are geared for 'aerobic'metabolism. [It should be remembered however that we do have an alternative 'anaerobic' metabolic pathway]. This applies to us at rest, as well as during exercise. The determining factor as to which metabolic pathway is the dominant one during exercise is the INTENSITY of that exercise. As long as sufficient oxygen is available at muscular level, energy is provided via the aerobic system. As exercise intensity increases, it becomes more difficult for cardiorespiratory dynamics to meet the increasing demand for oxygen.

The aerobic system is unique in that it is the only system that can utilize fat as a substrate for energy provision.

Supplemental oxygen

The oxygen in Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport is not present in molecular form, but is rather liberated by catalytic converters. Oxygen is present in NASCENT form. Oxygen is not a fuel – it is a catalyst in the aerobic pathway. This ensures that the pathway has its highest energy yield, with the most innocuous by-products.

Fat metabolism

Stored fat is broken down into Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) and glycerol which are taken up by the power houses (mitochondria) of our cells to be converted into energy. In order to enter the mitochondria, a carrier molecule is required. Carnitine is such a carrier. This combination of nascent oxygen and Carnitine provides an ideal physiological environment to promote fat metabolism.

It must be stressed that this in no way compensates for poor nutritional habits or a lack of adequate (aerobic) exercise. These products in fact yield their best results when used in conjunction with exercise and prudent eating habits. They are not fat-burners, but complete, natural and bio-available supplements.

Total supplementation

In addition to the nascent oxygen and Carnitine, Cellfood® and Cellfood Sport provide all the micronutrients necessary for optimal supplementation. This makes these products unique in content and action.

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